The heart of a father

“My son, don’t forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commands;” ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭3:1‬

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Stop Saying ‘I Love You’

As I was looking for the most misused words “I love you”, I found this post by an unknown author as I could not discover the origin but had to post it. So remember, the “I” in the post is not me.

The words “I love you” are losing their impact when people say it all the time without backing them up.

First posted May 24, 2016 by Tyler Jorgensen

They are some of the most powerful words known to man: I love you. There is so much in these words that it is impossible to fully explain what saying, “I love you” means.

We say, “I love you” to people when they mean a lot to us. We say it to friends, to family members and to our significant others. These three words are some of the most loaded words there are. Which is why I choose not to say I love you very often. In fact, I think we should stop saying, “I love you.”

People say, “I love you” so much that the words mean nothing when they are spoken. The words were not meant to be spoken; they were meant to be shown.

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A Generous Consecration: Resetting the altars of our lives

By Alan Scott

There is something about this national moment that is resetting the altars of our lives. It feels poignant. Everything stripped back. It’s like a cleansing of the temple. God is resetting worship. He is restoring worship and reclaiming worship in this moment.

The reordering of worship overturns the current popular practices of worship. It offends the worship ‘industry’. It delights those who value covenant above commerce. It throws out everything not aligned with the heart of the Father. It moves worship from the focus upon horizontal to the vertical. 

Every platform to man removed. Every effort at popularity removed. Every idol of promotion removed. Using ministry to gain wealth removed. Using ministry to appear important removed. Using ministry to increase visibility removed. Every exploitation of people to fulfill our dreams removed. Every ignoring of the poor and seeking the friendship of the powerful removed. The cleansing of the temple has never been more necessary. 

The idea that Jesus would be impressed by what we have built to make Him famous, or that He would leave our models of worship intact is vain. We are too timid to tear down the temple ourselves, too afraid to confront the excesses. We allow things to stand which, when moved by the Spirit, must be pulled down. Edifices for our own importance born from our ego rather than by His Spirit. 

The cleansing of our modern temples has begun. It will continue with greater acceleration.

Discover more from Alan Scott

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Fatherhood and Answers

Fatherhood does not give the answers, but it carries the question, so it can rest, develop and come to existence!

If you ever wonder why there comes no (direct) answers from The Father on your questions, be sure that He carries that question (as a womb), so it can rest, develop and come to existence!

Reading the Word from this perspective helps you to get a better view on how God relates to his people, how He deals with the intense questions they brought up and how He spoke out trust through His silence!

In the same time you can understand that we grew so far from this mature attitude as we are only looking for a God that gives straight answers and if not… we look for leaders who we call fathers!

Isaiah 3:5-7 HCSB “The people will oppress one another, man against man, neighbour against neighbour; the youth will act arrogantly toward the elder, and the worthless toward the honourable. A man will even seize his brother in his father’s house, saying: “You have a cloak — you be our leader! This heap of rubble will be under your control.” On that day he will cry out, saying: “I’m not a healer. I don’t even have food or clothing in my house. Don’t make me the leader of the people! ””

You have a cloak, a mantle, be our leader, perform the answers, get the word and preach the truth, give us the answers so we don’t have to wait! Immature reactions, because of a fleeing from responsibility and with it never being able to bring forth the answers as the questions rest in Him!

Isaiah 30:15 This is what the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One of Israel, says: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.

The source of richness as a well created in each one of us, that is able to bring forth wisdom will be an everlasting treasure of answers that will lead you on the road ahead and it will only come to existence when we live from the rest, quietness and trust, Isaiah is talking about!

When Father challenges you to go deep and trust fully, because He knows what He has stored deep in our spirit, I hope you will take that challenge and rest in it!

There is so much to say about this all, but I trust you got the point as the question itself reveals the heart!

I wrote this blog long time ago and it suddenly came to mind as I spoke with a friend on the status of life these days and the fight of a generation to survive. BLM, Identity politics, Sweden, Church… What more can I add!

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The Masks

This remarkable observation was send to me this morning by a dear friend and intercessor:

Just reading the  faces!
When masks reveal the hidden soul condition and the smile can no longer cover up the emptiness of the heart.
It has been interesting to see people behind their masks.
The eyes are truly windows of the soul.
When the smiles are hidden and only the eyes revealed I have seen much more of the people.  I have seen pitiful expressions, pools of despair in faces usually hidden in smiles.
Its been quite an “eye opener”!

We often recite the saying: When the Masks are falling! But receiving this amazing insight and confronting thought brought a total different perspective to the seeing and the responsibility that comes with it.

Over the years I often have informed you of the prayer that I have learned to pray: Lord I know what I see, but please let me see what you see!

Today I encourage you to start looking in the eyes and reading the heart through it!

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Compassion based on a Lie isn’t God’s Love

Posted on May 28, 2020 by Wanda Alger 

The consistent argument that is causing such division within the Body of Christ concerning the pandemic seems to be whether or not we truly love others. For if we did, we would wear masks, we would stay at home, and we would quietly obey our government. The presumption is that if we really cared about others, we would lay down our rights, turn the other cheek, and willingly submit to the governing authorities. Our sacrificial love for others has become the benchmark for those who claim to be Christian during the lockdowns and reopening of our country.

The problem with this line of reasoning is that compassion that is based on a lie – even half the truth – is not really God’s compassion. Love that is blind and unaware of all the facts opens a door to deception Continue reading

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Seven Apologetics Books Every Teen Should Read

By TIM BARNETT Published on May 25, 2020

I try not to dwell on disappointments. But there is one disappointment I think about a lot. In fact, it drives my motivation for ministry.

My great regret: I didn’t discover apologetics until I was in my early twenties.

My mission in ministry is to expose students to the rich intellectual resources Christianity has to offer.

I can’t change my past, but I can do my best to make sure this doesn’t happen to others. My mission in ministry is to expose students to the rich intellectual resources Christianity has to offer. Incidentally, there are a lot of really good apologetics works. My bookshelves are lined with them. Unfortunately, most of these works are not written for a younger audience.

I often get asked about which apologetics books I recommend for students. Here is the list I normally offer. Rather than overwhelm you with options, I’ve selected one book for each of the seven essential topics below. Continue reading

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History on the repeat

Will they ever learn from their historical failures? Will they ever be able to understand that their blind hate will cause them to bump into the wrath of an Almighty God who arises for the sake of His beloved people?

“Today, we celebrate the triumph of those IDF heroes & reaffirm our commitment to securing Jerusalem forevermore.“On this day in the Hebrew calendar, we celebrate the liberation of Jerusalem. Continue reading

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A Poem

They own your eyes,
they own your ears,
control your thoughts
and play your feelings.
Through all control
they make you think
it’s you
but don’t mistake
it’s them
that makes decisions.

You sold your brain
As they make sure
That all you see
And all you hear
Is mind controlled

Is not the What
but who has taken over.
What comes in mind
And what we see
Emotions out of sync
Your judgment
lost control
My God
Where have we gone

So what’s the plan
The strategy
your goal
to be set free
from all control?

It’s Him
His thoughts
His work of Sacrifice
His control
In total surrender
In total trust!

Not me but He
Not them but God
Take over Father
Holy Spirit

Remove the chains
the shackles
of destruction.
Just set us free
so total free
as we reveal
our longing
for surrender.

To you
and only you
our eyes belong
our ears
our thoughts and feelings.

A New Day!

Please may it be a

New Day!


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Yesterday (Easter Day) was a scary day as “unbalance” was the word that brought me to the hospital.

After waking up fresh and ready for the day to come and the happy moment with my loved ones, suddenly while watching a sermon at the Tomb Garden, the world started to rolling around like a merry-go-round! Scary as panic took over for my and I felt totally out of control. It was as if my body took over and decided to do its own thing with an uncontrollable reaction of throwing up! After an hour or so we decided to call the doctor and we were asked to come to the hospital.

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Silent Saturday

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Silent Saturday, names so significant defining the days in the history of our faith!

I try to understand the emotions and tension on the day of Jesus’ “death”.

The pain of His family, the despair of His followers, the struggle of His betrayer…

While death was the actual physical situation and silence was the result, the earth in real was trembling. As grieve and disappointment was the obvious situation, the battle, hidden for the most of them, actually started and hell broke loose as it had to let go its fiercely grip on mankind.

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Panic, Paralysis or Preparation!

Whatever the reason or hidden agenda is behind the worldwide paralyzing-panicking crisis, somehow I hope you understand that our Heavenly Father is not passive in this issue!

Many times, in the Old Testament when He is planning to address the Israelites because of disconnection or disobedience, the best way to get their attention was by a famine, in whatever form!

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Sowing Fear, Reaping Control

Author Mick Brennan

Fully aware of the serious situation the world is in, I still or maybe specifically want to forward this article that I found on Facebook by a for me unknown author! An interesting perspective with a Fictional approach!
Rob van’t Wout

What if

If I were the devil or the leader of the New World Order, what would I do when my power was being threatened by a lone man (!) and his 65 million followers?

I believe I would use fear to paralyze entire populations of people.
I would use a few in power to cripple the masses.
I may release fear of death from disease, lock them down to shelter inside.


This would crash economies.

I would pay off the media to help spread my campaign of fear. When the weak minded cower, that will leave only half of the population to fight back. Continue reading

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REST – The ultimate weapon

By Clay Sikes

Is much chaos around you? Are you facing one challenge after another? Does hell seem to erupt against you in routine fashion? Do you see the world in greater levels of decay? The systems of men are dying; Babylon is falling and chaos spills over this planet is grand fashion. Could it be the chaos will get worse; the attacks against us more fierce? The answer is “absolutely!” Chaos is the new normal. “The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds…” Again, chaos is the new normal, but His elect will stand up, stand strong, and stand out as lights in an ever darkening world. Masses will run to the light!!! Continue reading

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The Centrality of Jesus – A Christmas Reflection for Every Day

by J. Heinrich Arnold

Life needs a center, a core, an axis to revolve around and anchor our physical and philosophical existence. Whether we like it or not, we all center our lives around something – it might be family, career, money, or sex, or ego, or an addiction. There is some element that will drive our life path forward toward good or ill, whether we’re conscious of it or not. So Christmas is a time to consider what we want the center of our lives to be, and we want a center we can trust. Continue reading

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The power of local strategic prayer

By Eric Boerhout (Sverigebönen 24/7)

Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. Matthew 5:15 

For the past 3 years my family and friends have organised a Christmas celebration for the people in our little village in the countryside and the surrounding villages. We call the celebration: ‘Jul i Fagerhult’. Everyone is invited through personal contact or an invitation that we put in their mailbox. Continue reading

Ignorance is killing us!

Reading: Matthew 24 and Isaiah 22

A warning, speaking out in preparation for “the news”!

I’m pretty sure that the evil that is covering the nations today like a tsunami can not be “voted” away!

For many years people thought democracy was about the vote of the people and the “strength” of a society, but these days we sadly know better! Continue reading

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The Secret of the Western Wall

“No site in Jerusalem affected me more than the western wall.”

– Edward Wilmot Blyden (1866, African American Author; – From West Africa to Palestine; 245)

The Western Wall, sometimes called “The Wailing Wall”, is known throughout the world as a Jewish place of prayer. Jews have been praying here for centuries, still weeping over the destruction of the Temple or reciting ancient prayers, looking for the Messiah. Many will write their prayers on paper and stuff them in the cracks of the wall to keep their prayers continually before God. Continue reading

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Since you asked…

I know, I know, this kind of post will probably not score as much as my Profile Update on Facebook recently… and definitely cause some worry to the readers. Thanks for your concern, but allow me to share my worries, knowing that I do not hold the truth. Please forgive me for at least giving you some insight from the guys that do know and do shout it out, the sources that you probably do not visit. Continue reading

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The Story of Life

By Eric Boerhout

Whoever wants to save his life should lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake should win it.” Matt 16:25

Each of us has its own unique life story. It begins completely beyond our own control and will. The start is written by other people’s actions and motives. Hopefully, your life begins with a loving dad and mom. Hopefully you were born in a loving home in a safe country full of opportunities. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Your life may have started in an environment of struggle, strife and broken relationships. Maybe it was not so loving in your home, or your country was not so safe to live in. We all have a very different beginning to our life stories, depending on the circumstances that made their mark on it.

But no matter how the start has been, everyone eventually comes to a point where the pen becomes more and more your own. The moment when you yourself decide how the story will continue. Then it is your own thoughts, motives and actions that decide how the story should proceed. For me, this point came when I was 12 years old. I was born and raised in a loving family who gave me everything I needed. But, as many may recognize in themselves, I sought to take control of life to move in a different direction. I thought that if I could do what I wanted, freedom and happiness would be the result – my life was filled with drugs, parties and alcohol. Already at the age of 18 I became a father and had to be responsible for the consequences of my actions. I had taken control of my life story and what was written down was now a mess.

I had taken control of my life story and what was written down was now a mess.

I think we all get to that point in our lives when we have to look back and think about the history we have written. Of course, there are many things we couldn’t control – things that rushed right into our lives and caused a huge impact. Other people’s actions, illnesses and disasters that left large ink stains on the page. But we all have a choice how to react and respond in the middle of the storms. And then pick up the pen again and continue writing where the waves of life placed us.

And then pick up the pen again and continue writing where the waves of life placed us.

When I looked at the mess I left behind, I realized that I would not be able to arrange this on my own. This is where God came into my story. He turned out to be a loving father, a friend and savior who did not get angry when he looked at my past. He was neither shocked nor overwhelmed by the mess I put up with. Instead, He took me by the hand and asked me if we could continue to write the story together.

No matter what your life looks like today – or what you have written so far – you can choose to leave control of your life to God and continue to write the story with Him. The Bible says in Jeremiah 29:11 that God wants to bless your life.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11 ESV

I call heaven and earth to witness against you today, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you and your offspring may live, loving the Lord your God, obeying his voice and holding fast to him, for he is your life and length of days, that you may dwell in the land that the Lord swore to your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give them.”

Deuteronomy 30:19-20 ESV

Prayer requests:

– That the congregation in Sweden should hand over control to God and let Him lead.

– That many who do not believe should turn to God and find Him in the midst of the storms.

Eric Boerhout, Sverigebönen 24-7

The Apostolic Nature of the Church Has Been Hijacked

What a deep and confronting word by Stephen Struebing from Maranatha Global!