Becoming a father… again!


The house across my place is filled with the tension if the new that is to arrive! With the snow around us, every day he is there, keeping the way clean just in case it will happen tonight:)
Because it has been more than eight years ago, the nerves are pushed to the limit and you can see his determination to really be prepared. Funny, since the wife (who happen to be my oldest daughter), who is supposed to be a bit more nervous is so calm, ready and of course tired since getting a baby is not a small thing.
The preparation of the parents, totally different from each other but all in the package of getting a child. The great thing is, that after three children, the “becoming a dad” part is settled and the newborn is blessed that when it enters the house, a father is waiting and not a man who wants to learn to become…

Well I can be honest, he became a father over the years as his longing to learn was his guaranty to become. Eager to learn, as he understood that where the woman ís a mother from the moment she feels the baby kicking in her womb, he was starting a journey with falling and rising again.

Being a father is something more than “producing” a child. It is a hard lesson and it is great when your own father can be your best example. Not every man can say that, as we last the art of fatherhood, with loosing the wonder of Father God.
While writing my first real “hearts of the fathers” blog, my inbox received a wonderful writing from my other children’s blog! Becoming a dad, with the choices he made, is the miracle and proof of a dramatic change every day!

That being “spiritual” not always is the guaranty being a good father, we can see looking at David in the old testament. Knowing that his lack of fatherhood was the only reason that Absalom tried to get him of the throne, he forbid his servant to kill the rebellious Absalom. You should read the story from 2 Samuel 13 and on.

This blog is dedicated to the promise that the hearts of the fathers will return to the hearts of the children and visa versa. With the lack of fatherhood in a socialistic nation, we hear the cry of an almost fatherless generation to love, to lead, to confirm and to correct them again.

The Word will lead us on a journey to that promise as we want to learn and make bold choices.

To love, to lead, to confirm and to correct… To provide the Word!

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