Restoration of family…


The restoration of the family, is connected to the restoration in church and so to the society.

Lord heal the gap between the generations here in Sweden. Let hearts turn to each others. Seeing Jesus in each other! Seeing beyond age!

I am quoting Emma Luiga from Stockholm through her twitter account and I hope she will allow me (since of course twitter is an open platform). They stood out those two tweets, each with their own message and in the same time connected to the bones!

Just lately an other big church moved to Stockholm, mainly known as a youth church. Wonderful church, strong message, great worship and many, many young people! Stockholm is big enough for 10 of those initiatives as there is a hunger for vibrant fellowship in the young christian society. For many young people it is a “starting over” as the gap of generations and lack of fatherhood forced them to move on an renew the generational blessings. I have encouraged people around me to move on and take a stand for the following generations.

There is only one cry in my heart as Emma resounded the cry of Gods heart: Restoration of family!

Over the years we have seen the same movements, mostly starting to be visible in the early 60ties by phenomena like the Hippie Culture as of course the generational tension in not a new thing. I still see the despair of parents, loosing their children as in the same time, the “freedom” brought by this movement attracted a generation that eventually broke out into lawlessness! They wanted the new and with it forgot the foundation of older generations.

Breaking loose, moving on, all explainable actions as there was such a gap between the hardworking, producing parents and the desperate almost fatherless generation. Of course, this was not the only reason of the crack as double agendas fueled the movement.

Today we are approaching a new and wonderful challenge to go for the new by returning to each other. While young people, with a strong longing, fill (again) the big buildings and sing (again) their favorite songs, there is more needed as it is just a repetition of the former things only with an other sound and another color.

The real challenge is to reconnect, to restore the family identity and to go for the fullness!

I have been in many renewal initiatives, I have seen the people ready to cross over and than I have seen those who have been left behind in the desert. A separation that only reveal the real separation namely that of the hearts! As a result of the mindset of the 60ties, families have been broken up, people longed for the new only finding out that the new was just outwardly and came with a tremendous cost!

The Livingroom

Yesterday I was watching GodTV as there is a REVIVAL ALERT this week. The statement made struck me in my spirit as Rory declared that the coming revival will be a family revival, a livingroom revival. That it may turn into gathering in the “building”, that is only a result and not a goal. The heart of God today is about The family, the living cell of breathing life in a relational, connected structure!

After all those years, God brought us as a family together to the nation of Sweden, with the promise of using us in the tool we had in our hand. Not a big ministry, not a new church but family in a nation which mindset, laws and structure are violant to the godly structure of family!

Today we hear Gods voice as we even ourself struggle to find a way in this calling, but His voice is clear and strong: I Will Restore The Heart Of This Nation by giving it a Family Heart again! Just prepare the vessels as I will pour out My Spirit!

Prepare the vessels, do what your hand finds to do. We can not return the hearts, but we can build our houses, fuel our skills, invest our time. We call it Preparing the StoreHouse!

Prepare your storehouse, reconnect with the fathers (and mothers), seek your family line and connect with the generational blessings (treasures). Dig into your history, tell your children about the roots, reveal Gods work in the way He was faithful.

See beyond age!

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