The Next Christians

The-Next-Christians-2 What a refreshing piece of paper I just found on the internet.

Going through my daily routine of (prayerfully and focussed) reading my favorite bloggers this note turned up and just through the creative setup, it made me stop… full stop! If it would be sentences as just a part of the article I probably would have missed it, but this creative little note did its work!

The Next Christians as an announcement, a statement! No question mark, no optional, just a statement! Walking around, talking to them, he met them, recognized them!

A New Breed!

Provoked, Creating, Called, Grounded, Relational, Countercultural followers of Christ that are ready for a life without the so dominated lifestyle of Mixture, lived by the church for the past decades!

Of course, I had to order the book where this little note is a part of and hope to be encouraged by its content! I will let you know what more great input the book holds!

Ron McGatlin, a person of great influence in my spiritual journey, wrote this morning in his newsletter as he is turning 80: My greatest blessing is to know that this season of MIXTURE is coming to a close. With the confirmation of the note, I know, even here in this stubborn but still so hungry Sweden, nobody can change the turning of the tide, the shifting of the spiritual atmosphere, the moment of God to enter because of the arising of the New Christian! As the multitude of Worshippers and Intercessors piece the cloud of darkness of this nation, Father God has been waiting for a legal entrance to reveal His presence!

There was an other great word that was used in the book that made my heart beat faster: Restorers! Not separatists, not cultural mixed but ready to RESTORE! But later more…

For now, with gladness I announce the time of the New Christians and of course you can be part of them!

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