The Lord is mobilizing an Army!

Isaiah 13:4

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

Listen, a tumult on the mountains,
like that of a mighty people!
Listen, an uproar among the kingdoms,
like nations being gathered together!
The Lord of Hosts is mobilizing an army for war.

I just want to make clear that it still makes sense to raise a strong and mighty generation! I just want to underline the fact that being a mom and a dad is still so vital relevant! I want you to know that the tumult, that you hear in your house is not about unwilling rebellious children and I want to encourage you not to look down but up! Up to the mountains where the (spiritual) tumult is coming from. It is not coming from beneath, from the negative… It is coming from above, from the destined place, from the called generation…

Up, Up, Up, please look up. If you want to see the destiny and purpose of your children, look up, where He is preparing their spirit for an uproar, mighty people gathered together! Refuse to believe the lie of conclusions, of superficial observations from those that are never able to “see”!

The Lord of Hosts is mobilizing an army of war and your children are being recruited! Sounds violent? Well this war is going to be so different, so glorious, so from the heart of “resting in Him”! And they, better than us, will understand that!

Father, open our eyes to see what You see, to hear what You hear and to speak the Words that are birthed from Your heart. We return our hearts to our children and bow down and serve a called generation so they can finish the good work You have started!


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