Honoring your father and your mother

Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.

I am rereading the 10 commandments as it is good sometimes to redo the things that are to obvious in your life. Reconsider, take a better look, avoid the automatic mindsets and taste the goodness and riches again! I have done it over and over, as bible passages, verses, stories have been there for almost all of my life, but with the renewing of the mind, it is so great to renew the reading too. Going back with knowing more is surprising and I encourage you to take this “historical journey” every now and then. I even skipped bible translations and started to read new (trustable) ones!

So, the 10 words from above, as it says, God spoke all these words saying

The one I take this morning is the very middle one that makes the focus going from all about Him to our reflection to the world around us and I will take it from the “reading out loud” perspective. Just thinking with you and discovering the riches of these words. Writing from the platform of “The hearts of the fathers” of course this is the one that spoke first!

God, parents, me, the world…


My wife and I attended a conference last weekend and had a great time! Nordic Prayer Conference, nations gathering with a desire, a purpose and ready to receive a strategy! Great subject, purposed time and very purposed people!

What it made even more significant was the place that hosted the conference, Grimerud! Visit their webside and you will understand that the wholeness of this ministry is so strong, so overwhelming complete! Listening to the stories from the people that are involved from the beginning, the hearts that carry the work, I was so encouraged and confirmed that the amazing heritage Norway is carrying will be a blessing to the nation of Sweden because of the foundation they (still) live from: Family Life! Attacked, demonished, “reformed” even sometimes, but still around, so strong and so alive! It is this focus, Family Life, that made this base so attractive and so key to the “success” of the conference!

“We believe that God has given us this place and that it is of strategic spiritual importance.” Their website makes this statement in the historical background page! God has given; strategic spiritual importance… for me it reflects strongly the love for foundations, honoring roots, acknowledging God’s work!

Well it mainly emphasized the whole honoring the father and mother part as we live in a nation that is teaching by living out, to dishonor, neglect and overrule (literally through the rules, the laws) this God given authority. Of course there is the respect, the love, don’t get we wrong, but honoring is something much more than that. Even the part where the bible tell the man to “leave” his parents has all its roots in the honoring part! Extending the generations, not living from the kitchen of the mother is also involved!

Grimerud emphasized the generational part to me again so strong and encouraged me in our effort to restore this God given office in the nation of Sweden.

Just an advise: Look at their website and in particular the link to Family Ministries.

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