The Bees

As a bee will travel from flower to flower seeking, selecting the finest juice and pollen then depositing it on another flower… this is what is happening among the nations in worship. Mark Tedder

It was Mark’s way to describe what is happening even here in the Nordic Nations, as we just came back from a conference in Norway, meeting so many lovely, willing people to be of help and ready to give what they have! I shared my impressions and he handed me this beautiful statement, ready to be put on the wall (and I will). Thank you Mark!

It is what God’s strategy is as He is “sending” them who hear the Call, depositing the finest juice and pollen on other flowers. It is the opposite of what the worldly system wants to do, make all the same! God is bringing in the diversity of colors, identities and purposes to expose His greatness and beauty! It fits in what has always resonated in my spirit, the calling forth of the great and incomprehensible things we do not know Jeremiah 33:3. Being surprised by The New, the things we have not seen of the wonderful expression of God’s body in Sweden. Not just repeating traditions without reason, empty actions that only exalt mankind and not the Creator.

Cross pollination
Nature, His creation, is so much into diversity and the willingness of nature to receive the challenge of new has to be an example to us, not being afraid to receive and to be multiplied by Design! There are songs to be sung over the nation that carry a vibration that will take down strongholds, there are words to be released that will expose the lies and build a strong reliable foundation. There is a Worship that is coming forth that will glorify God in a way we have not heard before.
So, lets receive the “bees”, lets be pollinated by unexpected inputs that will show the greatness of His creational work in the nation of Sweden.
My dear swedish friends, open up yourself and be willing to received “cross-borderly”!


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