She called her post The In-Between as I would gladly address it with Motherhood!

That I would look back on life and feel overwhelmed by the goodness of God to invite me into motherhood.

I needed to post this wonderful blog, to expose the truth of where it is all about. It is not about the right words we “publish”, attending the right conferences, the accurate prophecies we declare, it is about functioning from the right position with the right heart! Being moved by the real beauty of life as all the prophecies and deep intense insights will fad away (1 Cor. 13) and the basic truth will stand! Being connected to the real life in her motherhood and fully responsible in her observing the details of her offspring! I am not even able to describe what this blog does to my spirit and therefor don’t want to add anything else than a leap of my spirit understanding the beauty of her words, her spirit! Thank you Melissa Helser for giving us a glimpse of your heart! We are humbled!


{for the full effect…this should be read while listening to the song “Le Chant” by Andrea Marie Reagan link to Andrea Marie’s Album}

Pictures usually inspire my heart to write…pictures I see waiting to happen outside my window, pictures I make with my handy little iphone or my big Canon Mark II, pictures I create in my mind when beautiful music is playing, pictures I see when looking back thru the history of our life remembering the moments that swept me off my feet and made me remember why I am alive.

This morning I was looking back thru my photos…and there it was, my Cadence Zion, 9 years old, brown as an indian, sitting in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

As parents we “capture” our children with our eyes all the time…most of those times are when they are not looking. It is the way their hands move or the way they smile when no one is around and they amuse themselves, or maybe when they look at you and all at once you feel love like you’ve never felt before.  I feel like a constant camera, asking the Holy Spirit always to help me savor (taste and enjoy it to the full) this life I have with them.  I ask that He would keep me alert and alive, that my eyes could be kissed with eternity.  He has put eternity in the hearts of men… How do we connect with eternity in every day life.  I am on a journey to feel eternity here on this earth…in the real soil of life.

Cadence Zion here in this moment… I caught him in the in between. In between what? I can’t remember. It doesn’t matter.  Oh that every season would be my favorite.  That I would look back on life and feel overwhelmed by the goodness of God to invite me into motherhood.  Life is moving, always, may we get into the flow of the beauty of it.  That we would trade in our heaviness for a weightless grace to love deep.

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