Being alert

Being alert, accurate, living from revelation instead of truth, being able to discern, is the strongest demand the Spirit puts on our life today. Not just for being a christian, but for standing in your right position and being able to function in the responsibility God has purposed you for.


For three days, there was “only” the concern of my wife as the nurses absolutely ignored it, trying to bring ease in the situation of her mother. But, stubborn as she is, determined to get “her right” it was her determination that axially saved her mothers life.

Being a parent, we approach those issues daily in the relationship of the father and the mother. It is the agendas, the “other” demand that mostly overrule the signals and with it, causing great (although mostly invisible) damage in the lives of our children. Not arising in the morning with a corrected heart, coming before the Throne to get instructions, makes us “followers of the world” despite how we try to balance it.

Following Him in whatever function, from prophet to pastor, to parent, we need the instructions, the eye of Him we follow and with all what happened the past few, totally unsuspected hours, it is made clear again that we need the accurate input, the “today” attitude, the revelation of the Kairos word!

Even when people start preparing themselves because of the age the my mother-in-law, for the worst, there was not a word for that, no revelation, but only a lot of unfulfilled promises from the throne. So we could not prepare ourself for what not is meant to be.
I posted on my twitter: @legacy_dreamer: At old age Sarah gave birth to a son! So the issue is not age but purpose! Someone is still expecting! So let’s not give in and not give up!
This is my point: as long as the words you have (hopefully) received for your sons or/and daughters are still not fulfilled, you need the revelation to make the words come to pass.

And another thing: don’t be surprised by the things that “happen to” you, while you ignored the signals of the one person,  God put next to you. Being a parent is working in a team! And that is not with those who think they are responsible, but your spouse, your companion, the other eye, the other ear!
I have learn my lessons, I have ignored and sometimes even rejected the signals and made my watch(wo)man into a fool, but for today I am glad that we learned our lesson and can encourage you to do the same.

One last thing: too much focussing of the prophecies of the past can make you miss the (Kairos)words of today!

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