Passionate Moms

I am so proud on my girls, who of course walk in the paved way of their mother, my beautiful wife! Proud because of the full awareness they carry of being a God called, precisely designed, beautiful shaped identity with the heart that cares and serves and provides. Providing a womb, carrying life, labor in pain in order to see coming forth the new life! And for the record, as it is an inner calling, it is not just the physical life, but mostly and even more the spiritual that comes forth by letting their mouth be a spiritual source for the beauty of fruitful words/seeds as even their houses are carrying the identity of being a womb where seeds can land and life can be brought forth!

When a woman, agains all odds, can treasure this God given calling and work with it, from their “Jerusalem” into the “rest of the world”, that is news worth telling. Being overwhelmed by all the news that pollutes our ears, eyes, and then of course, our spirit, it is so important to don’t overlook the real news that is being made every day, every moment around us.


Just the other day, this beautiful book came to my attention through the blog/website of this wonderful couple, Justin and Trisha Davis. The book is called The Passionate Mom and it’s underline is Dare to parent inToday’s World!

Darring to parent… Daring to take the responsibility, to take the lead and to be a Mom, a passionate mom is NEWS! News that need to be shouted out when they ask the mom: What do you do? Meaning work… I have noticed those conversations as living in a nation where work is freedom and with that freedom comes the busyness and the being caught up in others agenda’s. “Work? I am a mom, at home!” “Yes, but what is your profession?” “Uhh, you mean my value? I am a mom, a manager, a care keeper, a provider, a nurse, a guard…!” Those strange, cultural molded questions that at the end bring the people into a kind of jealousy and longing to get there too!

The Passionate Mom! I loved the title from the first moment as it colors the purpose of the daily routine, the tiring duties, the constant being available… So next time when they ask you: What do you do? Don’t say: I am a mom, but just say: I am a Passionate Mom! And of course articulate the capital M in the title part!

And then of course:

Isaiah 54:1 “Rejoice, childless one, who did not give birth; burst into song and shout, you who have not been in labor! For the children of the forsaken one will be more than the children of the married woman,” says the Lord. “Enlarge the site of your tent, and let your tent curtains be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your ropes, and drive your pegs deep. For you will spread out to the right and to the left, and your descendants will dispossess nations and inhabit the desolate cities.

By the way, “the girls”, my daughters are grown ups with a passion that is also reflected in their passion in worship, music, their being a passionate ballet teacher, being a passionate photographer and so much more…

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