Empowering the Next Generation

This is why I focus, why I speak, why I write, why I have challenged and why I believe you have to do it too!

“The coming generation in the Kingdom is awesome! But they have to learn and connect with the former if they shall reach their full potential.” A quote that I picked from someone I follow on twitter. My reaction-tweer was: “Yes, the coming generation in the Kingdom is awesome! So lets connect with them and guide them into their full potential!

So let US connect with them and let us take all the effort it needs to guide them, to serve them without being stupid in taking a standpoint of level. I know the guy who wrote the tweet and I know there is no way he meant the negative part, but it stirred up something in my spirit as it reflects the reaction I see around me!

Last weekend I lost a key from the house of our daughter. It is a rented place which means that the whole lock needed to be replaced when they move again. A lot of money…
My wife and I took the time to think, rethink, seek, look and look again. All the places where we thought it could be and no result. In a way a little stressing, even “knowing” that He is in control. On a morning we felt an urge to pray again to find it and my wife stated: Father we need this key as it stands for the doors that needs to be opened concerning the struggle in the young families. Please gives us a visible answer so we know you will give us the “keys” to this family and loneliness problem.
We found the key just an hour later and with it we received the promise of Wisdom! Praise God!

This morning, while being in the prayer room the urge of knowing the solutions for an arising generation came up so strongly as we are with a lot of grandchildren around us. As we stood there we begged the Lord for wisdom, resources, strength and unity in dealing with the challenge. I know we are hitting the target and I know, wisdom and resources and provision will flow to the places of “need”, to the people of purpose and to the generation that cries out!

In many areas God is building a strong and generational work in the hearts of the people and with it God is filling the Storehouses in the years to follow. I hope you connect with us in every way to spend time, effort and money in it!





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