One of the skills I still have not developed to the full is the art of waiting! I mean, I know what waiting is as for the past so much years I have spend much time in waiting. Waiting in the car, waiting on a certain appointed place, waiting during a meeting before everyone shows up and so on. But there is a difference between forced to wait and deciding to wait. The difference is how you spend your time during the waiting. In the forced to wait modus there is always this feeling of the disrespect on behalf of the person who lets you wait, as if the message is: There were so many other more important things to do than bend on time. On the deciding to wait modus there is a giving yourself to it, a choice and with it a possibility to do something else or just wait!

Frustration? No, just the introduction to an issue I want to address!

Wait upon the Lord, is probably one of the very most quoted verses in or out of context! Used as an excuse to not do anything is mostly the outcome and that is exactly the issue I need to discus.

Who is waiting on who?

My point is that the question really is: Who is waiting on who?

For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s sons to be revealed. Romans 8:19

anticipation: expectancy, expectation,excitement, suspense.

eager: strongly wanting to do or have something.

There is a part in Gods creation that waits, that strongly want to do or to be, that has not come to its potential and still believe, expect, even with excitement. I know, you need to develop some skills in “hearing” the sound of waiting, but when you do, when you disconnect yourself from the overall sound of impatience and frustration, there is still a pure and faithful sound that whispers: I eagerly wait for the revealing of the son’s!

For God’s sons to be revealed…

reveal: divulge, disclose, tell, let slip,let drop, give away, give out, blurt (out), release, leak; make known, make public, broadcast, publicize, circulate, disseminate; informal let on. ANTONYMS hide, conceal.

Now, if we don’t raise sons and only do church or ministry, the creation can wait “till the cows come home”, and that is not funny!

The sons to be revealed, to be presented as mature, to take the lead and to be trusted!

Will be continued!

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