West Coast, Conferences and Reinventing Church

We had a great family-holiday at the West Coast of Sweden. We love that place! The rocks, the sea, the islands, the boats, the fishing…


Renting this little cottage, 19 people, lots of food, plenty ideas, lots of fun and mostly… family-time! The place where we live in fact is more than good enough to spend holidays as we have it all; water, woods, plenty of room and beautiful views, but being somewhere else gives you new inspirations and fresh impressions and thats mostly the good part of it.

Planned to read a lot but the books kept closed and it was just observing the others. I love to observe, because it helps me to determine my part of life’s journey and intact, it was more a time of emptying myself in order to be refilled!

Being back on base is great and making some new decisions was needed. Writing my blog is one of it as I really want to be of better input to you guys, my faithful readers.

Visited the Nyhemveckan and New Wine conference, and like I wrote last year on my other blog the expectations that we sensed during last summer were even more intense and with it there were the open hearts for new teaching! The lack over the past decades and the hungers stirred up by the Spirit, makes the need of leading and teaching even stronger and bigger. For instance as Danny Silk shared in one of his seminars, that a church just led by a teacher or a pastor identity, does not prosper as there is the need of the apostolic and prophetic anointing, something like that would never be received some years ago in a nation of Jante Laget!

Quoting part of his teaching: There is a Biblical order to the fivefold ministries: “In the church God has appointed first of all apostles, second prophets, third teachers, then workers of miracles, also those having gifts of healing, those able to help others, those with gifts of administration, and those speaking in different kinds of tongues.” (1 Cor 12:28)

According to Silk, the apostolic and prophetic anointing is the foundation of the church (Eph 2:20). Why? Because their anointing is focused on perceiving what is going on in Heaven and bringing that to earth. The absent of it will get a church that is built on a dysfunctional earth-to-heaven model. For example, a church built on a teacher will tend to focus on what God has done in the past and miss what He is doing now. In a church built on a pastoral anointing the people and their needs will be the main priority.

Truth is coming in a with it, the need of apostolic insight and “architectural” wisdom is essential!

In the same time… When the structure of church does not change, the fundamental thinking will not change and the new trend will become a false short-term teaching!

So, back to the observing part… I see, I observe, I sense the strong longing for change, but it all comes to the point where we are willing the be changed and with it to change our environment and the way we have done it! After the summer we will start a new initiative called “Reinvent Church“!

When the many will come back from the their vacations and conferences, filled, refreshed, inspired, I hope you will have the guts to look at your structures, the failing gatherings and take with it the courage to review and reinvent. Starting over and do it the way Jesus did it…Discipling the Nations.

As Malachi is speaking about the father (Elijah) anointing and the heart-connecting, it is about longterm, generational and therefor eternal change that will last forever!

So after the good summer experiences, lets deal with the after-summer disappointments and make some building and rebuilding decisions! My goal is to write about it, to instruct, to enforce and provide.

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