What fathers must understand!


As I try to express my real heart in serving this new powerful generation, I would like to define the boundaries of the vision.

It has everything to do with fathering, empowerment, honoring, impartation, recognizing and setting free. It is giving them the resources that The Father stored in our lives, so they can live and work with this inheritance.

It has also everything to do with understanding the purpose of Jesus taking “His twelve”. As we will take “our twelve” so they can serve us, Jesus served His twelve so they could do the work, the Father choose them for. The absolute proof of the significant difference between serving and serving is found in the way the church applied Eph. 4:11.

As the church took this verse to create the positions of the guys in the suit, Jesus gave everything He had and placed it on the apostles to serve the church.

So first of all “taking the twelve” is taking them out, setting them free, releasing them!

Take them out

Where are they now, where do they come from and where will we take them!

One of the most significant stories Jesus told us to define freedom and purpose is the story of the Prodigal Son. As the church tried to bring the Prodigals home, home turned out to be an Egypt with backing stones. As they turned “home” they found them selves moving mud and straw to make bricks for a building they would never live in! After finishing the bricks they returned to there “prisons”.

As far as I can understand it, by understanding His heart, Jesus told us the story to express the real purpose of the Father. No one will ever be able to steal your real purpose. Being back is being in business again. No restrictions, no limitations. Because, coming back is the expression of the heart of the Prodigal.

So, lets call them out and bring them in!

Setting them free

I think the the most amazing thing the “prodigal” experienced was the reaction of the father. It was this reaction, this expression of the heart of his father, that opened his eyes for the things he left. It opened his eyes for the riches he had that could not be expressed by the money he got. The real inheritance he didn’t take with him was the source of the money.

So experiencing this “coming back” and the reaction of the father was the thing that really set him free. Our reaction to the prodigals, who carry the future of the land, will set them free and heal them from every wrong mindset and disappointment they experienced in the world. As the world toke advantage of the inheritance and misused the “goodness” of the son leaving him empty handed, lets call them in and restore there source, which is the real inheritance, and release them again in there field of ministry.

Releasing them

Now, when the father released the son again in “being son”, he revered to the upbringing that was in his structure. He brought him back to his origin. In fact, he revealed his purpose and continued the work. He knew his son, restored him, trusted him and did not bury him under the weight of his feelings of disappointment.

As Jesus took the twelve, He knew them, He knew the upbringing His Father placed in them and acted according to that purpose. He knew their structure and spoke a Word of Live that produced Life. As Jesus walked His purpose, He spoke the Word and knew that, when the Spirit falled upon them, the Word would become flesh and became what is was meant for. From that moment, they did the Works of Their Father. As Jesus brought them home by dying for them (how much can we serve), the Father restored them back to there lost Purpose.


In releasing we make a statement! The statement is that life belongs to the Father and not to us, not to church and certainly not to leadership! The real leadership should understand that, because that’s where the fatherly calling comes in as we receive and let go again, understanding our god-given task in the generational calling!

Releasing, letting go, setting free in that way is the proclamation of understanding! With it we say: “Yes Father, we understand! Give us the wisdom to do it Your way!”

And by the way… Taking does never means owning!

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