Living a Kingdom Legacy, Part 3 [devotion]



By Jasmine Green on July 08, 2013

This devotional is the final article of a three-part series about living a Kingdom legacy.

Over the last two months, we looked at Ruth’s choice to live a Kingdom legacy life – how it benefited from spiritual kinship and attracted great favour.

A third key principle of Kingdom legacy living is revealed in the last few sentences of the book of Ruth:

3. A Kingdom legacy life transforms generations

In Ruth 4, the greatest effect of Ruth’s kingdom legacy life is recorded. Through her marriage to Boaz, and the birth of her son, Obed, she has her mark in history as the great grandmother of King David – a worshipper after God’s own heart – and an ancestor of Jesus Christ.

Sometimes we have the privilege to see how our lives are inspiring and impacting others. Other times, as in the case of Ruth, we may not see with our own (natural) eyes the eternal effects living a kingdom legacy life, but it certainly transpires in generations to come.

Here’s a modern example of this point:

If you were to pick up a glass drink cup, take a sip and put it back down, you may not notice any changes to the state of that glass. But if you pick it up and inspect it closely, you may just see the remnants of your earlier fingerprints on that glass.

It may be small, and in the case of a fingerprint, not attract great attention or gain headline news, but there is clearly an imprint you have left on that glass. It’s the same for the lives that you come into contact with every day.

So my final thoughts, and questions, are these:

1. What is the legacy you are living right now?

2. Is it the one you want to be living and the one you want to leave?

Not one life was ever created to be insignificant and not one moment of your life exists to be wasted.

There is a legacy that your circle of influence can be transformed by today. So I encourage you to make the decision to live it to the full, right now. All of heaven and kingdom legacy livers of past and present are backing you – so go for it!

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