God Takes Care of the Relationship,
We Take Care of the Fellowship

Everything about God is relational. Every single thing He will ever do in your life is relational. Everything.

Relationship with Him is based upon unconditional love. Relationship is possible for us because of the sacrifice of Jesus and in relationship with Him, we stand in all that God is. In relationship, we stand in His righteousness and we are given the grace to be conformed to God’s image through fellowship. We get to become like Him.

God takes care of the relationship, we take care of the fellowship. Our relationship with God is never in doubt; we belong by issue of blood. The Father has put us into Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit our relationship with Jesus has been established.

He takes care of the relationship, we take care of the fellowship. Abiding is the practice of staying in fellowship.


We don’t do anything to get into the presence of God. That is a gift that comes with salvation. We don’t doanything to get in there, but we must do everything to stay there. That’s our job. The father has put us into Jesus. The work of the Holy Spirit is to enable us to stay in that place, and that abiding is a critical part of being a disciple. There is no consistency and there is no transformation outside of learning the art of dwelling and remaining and enjoying where God has put you.

The Greek word for “abide” is the word “meno”, and it literally means to stay in a given place of relationship and expectancy. We are on the journey in relationship and fellowship from “Daddy” to “Father” and we are learning the fellowship disciplines of how to become a fully mature son in Christ.

The Father’s love for us is unconditional therefore our relationship in Him is completely secure. His love is continual and He provides it freely in all of our life challenges. Abiding in relationship with Him however, means never allowing your conscious state to lose its focus on who God is and on what He has provided.

Abiding has two parts. There is an unfolding encounter with God in relationship because though your relationship with God is always secure, it never stays the same. It always increases and abounds! That’s why you can’t stop at salvation…You can’t know God in a single act of coming to Him. You can step across the threshold but then you have got to explore that whole territory. Our relationship with God is always unfolding, is always becoming more. We are always realizing more of who He is and more of who we are in Him.

Abiding is also an ongoing experience of God in fellowship. Every single issue and situation of your life is a fellowship one. You can fellowship with God in everything. Hurt, wounded, betrayed, or content, in every single situation of your life fellowship is available.

I like the way God thinks. He makes everything relational, and therefore enjoyable, because of who Heis. The experience of encountering God’s love is attached to our relationship in Christ. You have a series of encounters with God ahead of you and each one will open you up to ongoing experiences of fellowship and intimacy with God in that area… Enjoy!

Graham Cooke
Abiding in First Love

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