As we sat at the table some weeks ago, Staci and I were talking about church and things and out of the blue Viktor (our friend’s son) started talking.
While he looked so disconnected, doing his stuff on his phone, his spirit somehow connected and reacted.
Being a special guy with a very very spiritual sensitivity, he talked about technique and nature and God and resetting, while we wondered on the how of what God is doing…
Reset, the word that stayed out of that special moment of Viktor sharing thought in his own special way! It stayed there as it strongly came back this morning.
In a way God’s answer to our struggles of how to go on: Reset!
On my iPhone there is a reset option:


As I remember the question of my (old) cellphone: do you really want to go back to factory settings!
The need to delete settings and addings of all different kind of “personal stuff” as we want to go back to the clean start, the factory settings.
We know the warning that comes with it like: you will loose all passwords and settings
It seems to be the hardest thing to do as always “the past” keeps popping up!
How hard it is to totally reset, when we can decide what to reset!
Nature has the strength to reset itself despite how hard “media” tries to prove the opposite!
And so can we!
The question, do we want too, do we dare too?
I shared my thoughts about reinventing church as I maybe meant to reset…
A reaction came in as I have send this thought already out before:
I have been praying for the Lord to reset our whole family according to the original settings. I thought that was a great analogy with the mobile phone reset buttons.

Original setting

We have grown so far from our “origin”, our identity and the way it was meant to, that we need all the energy left to adapt to the unnatural things that are left over. Pushing people into forms and identity that mostly represent abuse and lack of revelation, we violence the deep character of God as He always challenge us to “return” and start over! We always have the tendency to not want to offend people as we leave the old structures which are so incapable of carrying the new and with it, over and over, we keep ourself and other from experience the full flavor of Gods intentions!

I was thinking of Rachel , who toke the “idol” of the old and brought it into the new… What a deep consequence was laid in that decision as Jacob stated to his father-in-law: Anyone with whom you find your gods shall not live!

I know, there is grace as so many of us have had the grace to continue in the old. But mostly we overlooked the real purpose of that grace as it was never meant to keep us where we are but to leave the temporary and move into the eternal overwhelming revelation of His Kingdom here on earth! We were supposed to enter the old environments and with the Love and Grace He gave us, call them out of the egyptian structure and “lead” them into the land of destiny!


So, resetting has all to do with Him, His purpose and honoring Him. When it comes to choosing who to honor, I hope you understand that in real there is no option!

My thought for today:
Reset to Reconnect with the original…

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