The beauty of One: God’s biggest secret


The “true” corporate anointing is a much needed empowerment for all those who are truly seeking God in this hour, and when various people throughout the remnant Church are brought together [in and by the direct ordering of the Holy Spirit] as the plan of God unfolds it will literally begin to “turn the world upside down” in a big way. Satan is absolutely terrified of true Covenant-relationship in ANY form[again, first with God and, THEN, others]. He is terrified of even the thought of true believers coming together in true unity and one accord in this hour – and that is precisely why he has fought with everything he has [strife, division, apathy etc.] to prevent true spiritual environments [of any size or shape] being established because when even two hearts that are wholly given to the highest purpose of God are “fused” together as one in the Holy Spirit they become an “unstoppable force”. Because of these things, it is not hard to see what a tremendous [and immediate] impact the Glorious Church will have on a “religious” church and a love-starved word in this final hour!

It took me strong and powerful, the words of this morning and the simplicity of God’s force is this hour! His strategy is and has always been the oneness, the unity, the “two-become-one”, as division and self has been the opposing fight of the enemy.

The only battle that is going on in this world is about destroying the unity, the ONE identity. Strife, “truth”, being right has become the destructing movement among christians. It is so easy to recognize and fight the enemy, but when the battle comes through this terrible “seeking truth”among the brothers, it is a devastating painful process of division, all initiated by the flesh.

He is ONE, we need to be ONE and the is no “truth” that exceed that!

So, the strategy is ONE ACCORD, ONE HEART!

Killing the identity, the “two become one”, marriage, redefining the covenant, the disgusting word of “same sex marriage”… We must be furious, like David stood against Goliath and felt offended by his words against the only One God! Is has to disturb our spirit to the bones when oneness is being attacked, as it stands for God’s eternal identity!

Our only answer is to create a unity, a oneness, a covenant that creates a sound and atmosphere of attraction. A “by this the world will know” force that call them in.

The song in one accord that creates a sound of healthy growth, purity and simplicity.

We need to touch the “houses” and recognize the beauty of its authority as we stimulate the rebuilding of family. Fatherhood, motherhood, renewed by the Spirit, touched by the song, to sing their own “song”!

It will build generations, bring forth Kingdom understanding and create legacy of eternal value.

Kingdom perspective

When our lives are not covered by a Kingdom awareness, a greater than just us understanding, we grow from small and insignificant into a force from Heaven, connected by and through His presence. The houses need to be reflecting this bigger mindset of being part of an eternal God, a Kingdom the comes on earth as it is…. When there is no reflection of Kingdom, there is the smallness of worldly mindsets that only satisfy the now and don’t build the tomorrow.

There is a reason for the suffering, there is a reason for the lack as we see further than our own lives and life from generation to generation.

Over the past years, God has given us ideas, instructions, impressions that in them selves were great and made us enthusiastic, but it looked as if they did not work out. Today God is saying that all those seeds felt in the ground are are ready to bear fruit! They fill the Storehouse and feed the hungry as the purpose were more than “what we thought”! They were eternal seeds and therefor withstood the “expiring date”!

Today it is time for harvest as the oneness became an urge in our hearts and the attraction of that with pull in the many!

In the past weeks and the week to come, God has been and still is speaking to our hearts. Our willingness to every time receive and offer again is the foundation of His “doing it again and bigger” this time. He tested us, stretched our hearts and minds even if you thought “will it be ever”, the time is there and now and believe me, every word I write is needed to build my own faith!

Awake, stand, arise, release and move forward!

My expectation has been build and the urge to see it happen has become an out-load cry. We connected with the Father-heart and your (our) frustration is not birth from earthly but from heavenly need!

…when even two hearts that are wholly given to the highest purpose of God are “fused” together as one in the Holy Spirit they become an “unstoppable force”.

For a season, Father allowed us to hold back, to build strength and to build vision. Today He challenges us to step out and trust what He has done. He has build the hearts of our children and He says “trust Me”! He has build our marriages and He says “trust Me”! He has build our qualities and again He says “trust Me”!

I just want to say in conclusion: Don’t allow guild or thoughts of failing or falling short keep you from receiving what He has for us. It is and has been a united time and dig deep into your spirit to find out that He has been speaking to you!

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