au·then·tic: adjective
1. not false or copied; genuine; real: an authentic antique.
2. having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence; authenticated;
verified: an authentic document of the Middle Ages; anauthentic work of the old master.

He needed to share it with his authentic father…:)
“It look to me a nice challenge for all that has to come!” 

Well, it was needed, this little email from my son, as sometimes you can get so overwhelmed by the silence, the lack of connecting in a Swedish summer.

There are two large seasons unfamiliar to me and not always appreciated! The long summer where everything closes down and the  long winter when everyone disappears in the houses! It molded the culture over times as I understand it in the 20-ties until the 90-ties. But it created an almost unchangeable culture, way of thinking and with it very demanding habits!
Well, it is not gonna be my subject as I have addressed it  many time before in my former blog
No, I just mention it as I almost went under again in the silence, as said before. And I guess (and am mostly sure) that he knew it would turn into a post on my blog…But back to the real subject…

Authentic, working with authentic products and serving an authentic God … See God as He is, not how we would like Him to be. Myself and others learning to see who we really are in Christ and to honor that. To do justice to products by bringing them in an environment where their quality is expressed to its maximum. Challenging, but worth it. Inspiring. Durable. Authentic…

Just some of the words that he added and with it lighted the fire again! Giving words with revelation power is one of the strongest tools God has given us as it always underline the authenticity of the individual.

…not false or copied

So, to add some words to it that connect with the beauty of the word authentic, I think about Restore, Reset, Rebuild, Reconnect, Pure, etc! Words that are part of the effort of a loving God who in Himself is so unique, self, not describable! It is in His heart and in His character to Restore the Original!

I am gonna leave it for now although I feel the excitement and affirmation in the atmosphere of Him ready to reveal!

One day I hope, the Seal will be added again on this nation!

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