God’s Character



Isaiah 51:2 Look to Abraham your father,and to Sarah who gave birth to you in pain.When I called him, he was only one; I blessed him and made him many.

I know, I have been writing about this verse many more times and mostly because it is my absolute favorite subject!

It is so amazing the way God is revealing His character through the Word. You have times that you need to “know” God and mostly it is because you are in need of direction. But once you have past the phase of “personal need” and have come to the only relevant truth of knowing Him because of who He is, you start to get to know Him better by reading the Word different. Reading the Word because of getting to know Him more and more needs to read beyond, behind, from within the heart of “The Author”!

In the verse above, God is revealing not just His strategy, His plans or His purpose, but deeper in it He is showing the depth of His character, His thoughts, His way of bringing forth!

We discussed it this morning in the car, as long trips always are good for fruitful conversations. Our tendency to always, or at least mostly, have a conversation with a result, a conclusion and with it we devalue the conversation to a productive action. We read books with the same attitude, we attend meetings with the same inner motivation and we even share the bed with the attitude of “what’s in it for me”. When we think “end result”, we open up the door for disappointment!

I blessed Him...

When we look at God from the perspective I just described, “there is” this strange, defiling calculative motivation in His being. We talk about suffering, about destinations, about identity, all with the wrong understanding of God. But I see the God as a creative, passionate Divine Father who likes, overflowing, planning on the way, not having a different agenda than being with us! When we look at creation, its structures and its beauty, we always tend to think in purpose, end conclusion while when we see God in who He is, all He does is full of what He is. He does not have to think, sit done, make test models, with a “try it out and do it all over” attitude! No, He is, and when He does, it is! The balance and beauty of His being brings forth and is!

We have to do it different, because we are not, we lack balance, we struggle identity, purpose! We miss the beauty of wholeness, we still need to figure out and so, what we produce is mostly in the “trial and error” mode! Therefor we spend our time in becoming better, becoming more wise, trying to know more and to understand better.

Missing the character of God is totally missing His word and the dimension of His speaking, His doing! When He says: First seek Me, seek My Kingdom, My sphere of influence, He means: First me, than all other things will just be the result. No effort, no trying out, no thinking out load and missing the point and even waisting so much precious time.

I started this post on my blog some weeks ago and only came to the first two paragraphs, but this morning as we sat in that car, something began to trigger me and I remember this video I saw this week… This wonderful person, with this intense and honest journey in her search for God in the midst of her devastating experience!

Let me finish this first attempt of “getting to know Him” by sharing the video…

Jessica Kelley is a good friend of ReKnew, and she preached this last weekend at Woodland Hills Church. Normally we only post clips of sermons, but we wanted to post the full sermon on this occasion. We feel like Jessica’s testimony about how her picture of God helped her through the death of her son Henry is so powerful, and God is doing something unique with this woman. Take some time and watch it when you get a chance. It will change your life. – See more at: http://reknew.org/2013/09/jessica-kelley-triumph-by-testimony/#sthash.wjCBa8ax.dpuf

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