The Strength of (a) Family

I know, it it my favorite subject as it is so close to my heart. I know I have been writing about it over and over and… even will keep writing about. Family is an unending inspiration to write about and mostly a treasure-box to live it! Diverse, creative, fun, inspiring… it’s all there, right in your midst and with endless possibilities!


The strength of a family

“What do you think about the weekend Rob”, he asked, as we sat and had some coffee after the service. The weekend he was asking about was called, Breakthrough Weekend! Teaching, worship, healing and fellowship of a stumbling into the new little church in a little village. Stumbling, but getting to it’s feet by releasing the past through taking responsibility and arising from the ashes by changing the languish!

What do you think… Well my answer was maybe surprising but in the same time –since it is my favorite subject– mostly predictable: “This was not so much about church,” I replied, “this was mostly about the strength of a family, your family!”

They were ‘all-over’; the dad (being the pastor(), the mother (a proud mother taking care of the grandchildren while her children were ministering)  and all the children (singing, making music, serving and bringing the word)! It was about the wholeness –through struggling– of a family, being on the right place, in the right time, doing the right things! A family that had to show the results of a journey not so easy, a life full of disappointments and even hurt by rejection.

They were there all weekend, they stood on the platform and shared their life, their testimony! Even on the sunday morning, while one of their grandchildren was in the hospital because of a terrible burning accident, they stood there to give Him all the glory!

The strength of a family! A family that stands, that continues despite all the adversary, that encourage by confirmation, by doing things that are not so swedish through affirmation.

This is not so much about the elevation of a family, but about emphasizing the significance of all the posts I have been posting about family! About a God who is family, who is father and mother and son and all! A God that works through family, through generations, through lineage!

But, in the same time it is a ode to that wonderful family that we can call us our friends!

It was a great weekend, as probably more will come, but mostly it was the proclamation of a family, strong through trials, standing and testifying of the goodness of a Father, sowing into the soil of a church!

Many people went back longing for another weekend or sunday like that! They (that family) just went back to what they are, as they shared it with the church and continue to be it on an everyday bases!

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