The Stonecutters


By Bob Jones

The Lord is bringing forth stonecutters. They are His elders and His government; the five-fold ministries. The first thing they will be preparing is the foundation stones for a new temple and a new movement of the Holy Spirit.

The foundation that will be laid this year is that of Eph. 2:20 as the foundation is laid upon the apostles and prophets. The purpose of this foundation is Eph. 2:21 as it will prepare the building of a new temple; the temple of the body of Christ. These foundation stones must totally fit together and be in total agreement with one another. By coming together in unity they will form a round temple. The Father is represented by a circle that has no beginning nor end and this temple of living stones will be formed in His likeness.The Father’s heart is building a temple of Ephesians 2:22 where He can cohabitate with His sons and daughters in the spirit.

Having been built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone, in whom the whole building, being fitted together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together for a dwelling place of God in the Spirit. (Eph. 2:20-22)

These stonecutters that He’s calling forth are not novices but ones who have learned a faithful trade by many years of service to the Lord. They are skilled in the word and the ministry of the word. Once the foundation of the apostles and prophets is laid and the round circle comes into agreement, the body of Christ will then begin to be smoothed off. It will then fit together in a temple of the Lord’s body. Once the temple is completed no wind of adversity will be able to move it not even a slight bit. For it’s a round temple and there’s no pressure that can come at it from the outside that could harm it in any way. And on the inside the presence of the Father will reside.

This temple will be like a round building made of stone standing in the middle of a hurricane. No matter how strong the force of the hurricane is, it needs a point of resistance like a square corner in order to blow something down. But in a round temple there is no place for it to land. When the winds of adversity come at the round temple and finds no point of resistance, it simply moves on. That’s why the mature five-fold ministries will form a firm foundation of living stones and bring the temple into being.

This movement will begin this year and its preparation is for the Father tohave a place down here. He had a place in the golden ark where He could speak to man but now He’s preparing a place that I believe is for an end-time journey of the presence of the Father.

It’s time for the Father to be revealed and this temple of living stones needs to be completed before the Father is revealed. This is the temple of living stones in 1 Peter 2. These are living stones that are put together and many of them are burnt stones. Burnt stones are many people from a former movement that have been burned down but they will be incorporated into this new temple.

Coming to Him as to a living stone, rejected indeed by men, but chosen by God and precious, you also, as living stones, are being built up a spiritual house, a holy priesthood, to offer up spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. (1 Peter 2:4-5)

Jesus Christ – The Capstone

The capstone is Jesus Christ; He is the top stone that oversees all the other stones. These stonecutters job is to put Jesus at the top of everything. All of the stonecutters have developed the attributes of God (Is. 11:2) and walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, The Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.(Is. 11:2)

Stonecutters are elders that have been in the ministry a long time. They have been tested and proven and they know what fits together. They know how to prepare the stones to fit because they know the scriptures. The first thing they will justify is the foundation that is laid on the apostles and prophets. Everything in this temple is all about Jesus.

Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain!? And he shall bring forth the capstone?With shouts of “Grace, grace to it!”’(Zech. 4:7)

Chief Artisan

The first stonecutter or artisan mentioned in scripture was Bezalel. His name means: in the shadow or protection of God.At the age of twelve he was given a vision for the articles to be created to fit in the sacred place. In his day God’s presence led his people in a cloud by day sheltering them from the harsh desert sun, providing food and water in the wilderness and comforting them with His holy presence in their midst.

“And Bezalel and Aholiab, and every gifted artisan in whom the Lord has put wisdom and understanding, to know how to do all manner of work for the service of the sanctuary, shall do according to all that the Lord has commanded.” (Ex. 36:1)

They built a tabernacle in the wilderness so they could come into the Promised Land. Now these stonecutters are starting to build us a temple so we can come into the promises of God. And the hand of the Father will be upon them, as it was Bezalel, to complete the work of building His temple.

Over 2000 years ago Jesus was revealed and over 100 years ago we received the revelation of the Holy Spirit. Now the true nature of the Father is the last revelation being revealed.

Faith comes forth out of love and it has the faith to reach in and find out what’s in the Father’s heart. Faith brings revelation and revelation brings understanding of the Father’s heart. And the Father’s heart is to honor the capstone. When the Lord Jesus Christ is at the center it is well pleasing to the Father. Now we will receive the revelation of He who loved us; the Father. That’s how He describes Himself in 1 John 4:4, God is Love. The Father’s love will be relayed to us through this temple. Because He loves us He will cohabitate with us in His temple.

There will not be even one crack among these living stones as they come together in unity. They will fit so tightly together because love is the glue that holds all these stones together.

The main purpose of the temple is so all these living stones can hear the voice of the Father. The Father is in the center of the temple and when He speaks a word, every one of these living stones will hear His voice.

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