Me, us and the generations…


During the past years in the different jobs I had, I have learn that what you do always get its value by its connection to the whole. Never ever an action, a design, a conversation stands on it self. The value of it is always connected to the bigger perspective. Isolation is a killing obstacle!

Advertisements I developed -for me- were always part of the whole paper even if the advertisement itself stood out above the rest. The houses we designed, always where part of the environment where the new owner wanted to build it. It was always a challenge for me to go deeper, see beyond the drawing table or the screen of my Mac. Seeing the bigger picture!
Talking to people, addressing issues in life, always challenged me to ask and ask and ask. Going deeper, connecting people to their social environment helped me to see better and clearer.
In the same time, I know it is tempting to narrow the view, to focus on your pain, your advertisment, your website, your house and even your church!

I had this amazing doctor who in a way learned me to analyse the pain by asking. When I would tell him what I though was wrong with me, he arose from his chair and showed me the door, congratulating me with my wisdom. He asked and asked and examined and went beyond the hurting spot in the body and (always) found the (real) issue.
I had this amazing teacher in university, who once was an architect and took the challenge to teach for five years, since the level of insight from the apprentices that came to his office was terrible (he said)! He learn us to analyse, to write, and ask and think and communicate before any design would enter the paper.

People tend to think here and now. They isolate so easy, overwhelmed by their “great” ideas, their great designs, their great songs and even their great meetings. I twittered yesterday: @legacy_dreamer: So, after a great sermon and some wonderful songs, how much changed is your city? I don’t want to be rude, I just want to help you all to temper the joy of the moment and with it make you aware of loosing the bigger perspective.

Me, us and the generations
My biggest effort these days is to encourage the people, like David did in his psalms, to live from God’s perspective, to embrace from there a Kingdom mindset and then be send down with a specific assignment. David knew his assignment because he learned the art to be with Him, to listen and to resonate the words and the sound of His Kingdom. Jesus (of course) knew the Sound, more than anyone and resounded that sound on the earth “as it was in Heaven”!

Yesterday I started to take my grandchildren back to roots, to background, to origian, by trying to teach some history. Over time I want to introduce to them the journey of their parent, before they arrived where we are now. Their forfathers, their grand-grandparents, their grandparents, their parents. To show them when things were not as they are now, when their earth was void and the spirit was hoovering! They know the now, live in the conclusion, but we will do that for the coming sundays, sit as we always sit, in our livingroom, the place my wife so determined made into a welcoming environment where everybody feels save and good. We sit and sing and share… There is no church that can help you with that as they are helpful and even needed in many other ways. It is your assignment, your duty, your calling.

In a nation where the overview thinking is stolen, robed and violently removed with a terrible agenda to make you slaves that make stones, it is my biggest effort to be a voice, to resound purpose and to call you to a higher level.
Your children are educated by teachers with the same lack of overview.
Your cities are governed by people with that same lack and therefor, they will never ever elevate you, your environment or your perspective to a higher level.
Your churches are led by wonderful pastors and people, who don’t know about Kingdom perspective and only talk salvation and grace (which is the biggest gift from Heaven)!

Listening (in the background of my office) to this wonderful song called Majesty, I hear by the strength of his voice, as he knows where he is singing about. No hanging in the “beauty of harmony” but declaring MAJESTY, WE ARE SINGING MAJESTY!

Oh my dear friends, I challenge you to arise. To review your background, your parents, your offspring, your city from His perspective. Have the boldness to ask yourself questions, to disconnect yourself from the temptation of isolation.
Kingdom is God! Kingdom is Him who sits on the throne. Kingdom is He who gave you the authority to rule and reign with His assignment. Kingdom is big, bigger, family, city, nation, world…
We own our offspring -the generations to come- something more that the security of an isolated worldview.

His perspective is from “above” and with the mindset from “above” only then He have send His Son “amongst”!
In, but not from!

Please, take the view of the Eagle!

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