The City

The seventh time around, when the priests sounded the trumpet blast, Joshua commanded the army, “Shout! For the LORD has given you the city! Joshua 6:16

The biggest words in this amazing verse for me are “for The LORD has given you“! Not shall, will be or any other “faith required” statement, but has given! The conviction of Joshua as he had this encounter with The Lord, there was no reason for doubt since He knew! He heard the voice, he sensed the Presence and from there every act of him was influenced into determination.

Having residence (a little office) in the City of Jönköping since some weeks, there is this excitement of knowing that -again- the Lord is telling us to shout, to rejoice, to give words to a (invisible) reality that He has given us the City. I gladly write “us”, because the overwhelming community of faith driven, vision seeing, Kingdom understanding people that He is bringing together is no longer a little group of “I” people, but, through the work of The Spirit grew into a firm, solid “us” minded people. Therefor, with that perspective, the SHOUT of the US is because we know that, for the sake of greater purpose than just being church, He has given us the City.

The City
Let us talk CITY, for a little while, as over the years, there has being birthed a spirit-fueled desire, caused by an enormous hunger for the presence of God is the City of Jönköping. The desire to see this city being restored in it’s God-given purpose, being the Jerusalem of Småland. Prayers has been send up through large and small prayer-meetings, prayer-walks and other initiatives. I have met the generation of intercessors, fervently spending times on their knees to seek the Lord for a “Do it again Lord”!

The Sound of Agreement
Listen! Their warriors cry loudly in the streets; the messengers of peace weep bitterly. The highways are deserted; travel has ceased. An agreement has been broken, cities despised, and human life disregarded. (Isaiah 33:7, 8 HCSB)
When agreement is broken, the city is despised, the highways are deserted, human life disregarded, what than will be our answer? AGREEMENT!
As the Lord is joining the hearts again, by building community, family, fellowship and trust, the moment will come that Agreement will be the Standard and when “Joshua commands the army”, the result will be THE SHOUT!

Why this post
I can understand that you wonder why I posted this post on my “family” oriented blog! The main reason is to underline the significance of the joining of heart through the God-given communities of family! When families are restored to its origin, its purpose and its authority, it will result in hearts that trust, that are secure and willing to move with the voice of agreement. As the Father is rebuilding the safety of the City, it will cause rest and balance in the relationships. It will result in the seeking of each others heart and it will effect the whole of the City!

Christianity than will not just be about being saved, going to heaven, being (individually) blessed or healed! It will be about reflecting the Heart of the Father through the love we have among each other!

Recently I was in Stockeryd, where they recorded a program about the revival in Jönköping and it’s impact on the nation(s). Lars Magnusson (Världen Idag) and Kjell Larsson (Missionsföreståndare of Svenska Alliansmission) were interviewed by Anders Wisth for Kanal10. Just mentioning the name Jerusalem of Sweden, was a trill to hear. My spirit makes a leap when they address God’s name over the city of Jönköping! Thinking back about what happened during the revival in Jönköping, it makes me excited about what will happen again, when the Lord promised to touch this City and it’s people again.

Therefor, with faith and conviction, let us SHOUT with the assurance in our heart that He has given us The City!

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