The Cry of a City

They found each other in their “oppression” in being gay in a “christian” world and call it homophobia!
They agreed in their hate against Israel!
They found each other in their anarchy!
They agree in their “right of self”!

As we can go on with the list, I just want to make a point on what makes the battle in an Anti-Christ-minded world so intense. It is not the fact that “they” are so unanimous, but they are just unanimous in their fight. They don’t even agree on the most essential issues of life. They agree in this one thing that “binds” them together: Their enemy!

As every nation has a different agenda in “fighting” Israel and every gay has a different agenda in fighting Christianity, it is that one problem that unites them. They agree in it and walk the streets and gather in parliament…

Why writing it?
It is a out load thinking on the issues we face, being so divided as Christians in a City, a church or a nation! It seems to be the reason of the oppression that we are approaching when we stand against a “united” effort of the world to limit our space, to write laws, to control our agenda!

But… the funny thing is, we are more, because more people today still believe, more people today are still christians and still read the bible. More people agree in having save environments for their children and the right to raise their own children.
But… we are so divided, so separated, so pushed back in our own way of thinking! We lack a reason for agreement, an issue that make us one and stand together!

In my former post about the City I underlined the issue of a divided city, a city that lost it’s agreement. Today I just want to encourage you not to be intimidated by what you see around you, what you hear in the news, how they try to impress you by standing together against and by the big marches they organise! It is just a Cry in the City, a cry for a bigger answer. Fighting against it does not make sense and will not solve anything.

We need more than the prayer-events we “organise” which makes us “organised one”, we need the heart to connect, understanding that we have a reason to be one, mobilised by the need that awake us. Not just because this big bad world is trying to get us under, but we will be known as His disciples by the Love we share!

Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. Matthew 18:19
By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” John 13:35

Sitting with the leaders of our City, I hear the need of agreement although they easily translate it into law, but we are approaching a time where we can “show” the World the answer in Agreeing!

So, on behalf of the City, please make the biggest effort you can to unite, beyond activities, unite by heart!

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