The Message of the Kingdom (part 2)

As I hope that you have been reading the essential scriptures from the post yesterday, you have to understand the perspective from where I review truth, faith, church and christianity.
Yesterday I was watching this great/funny youtube movie about truth and God. Maybe I better first let you watch it, before making my point.

For your understanding, my approach of writing is moving away from the subject instead of digging into it. It is so easy to get focussed on words, details, as of course details at the end define the value. But the bigger thing is the sum of the details not just one detail.
Why bringing that up?
Well, the message of Jesus was all about the bigger thing namely the Kingdom. Jesus was not about new teachings, a different view, a new doctrine, He was about the bigger picture, the view from Heaven, from the Throne! When Jesus said that He was coming to bring completion, in essence He said: Stop arguing guys, stop sifting words, insights, but become one, join hands and rise above it into a realm called the Spirit.
The beauty of His Kingdom is that it is not from this world and therefor can never be measured by our gravity limitation. Every word we release from the perspective of here and now is submitted to the law of gravity and therefor doomed to fall down, which in fact is meant to be because when it falls down to the ground it dies…
And then again, this is where the sower, the seed and the soil comes in.
Dying of the seed is the essence but not necessary the guaranty of a full harvest. It is the condition of the soul, the field that defines the end result.

Now, what has repentance and soil to do with each other. As Jesus is using parables to make his point, He uses metaphors to explain. The funny thing in the little clip above is the “Jesus is the door” moment where this is emphazised.
A field full of stones as we see it all the time here in Sweden, is what the farmer approaches before starting to sow. The moment he realizes that the result of harvest is about removing, cleaning up.

For this is what the Lord says to the men of Judah and Jerusalem: Break up the unplowed ground; do not sow among the thorns. (Jeremiah 4:3 HCSB)
God is speaking here in Jeremiah 4 to His people: If you return, Israel — this is the Lord ’s declaration — you will return to Me, if you remove your detestable idols from My presence and do not waver, (Jeremiah 4:1 HCSB)
The essence of the message of the Kingdom is not just about ruling and reigning, but mostly about the abundance of harvest through the “breaking up of the unplowed ground”! The willingness to, every season again, break up the ground, lay it open, make it vulnerable with the cry, fill me! When we refuse to “break open” over time the farmer (and the preacher) will notice a hard and unwilling soil that rejects the seed and it has to be obvious that by now we have a “field” that is fruitless, barren, without any harvest. This is where God cries out: RETURN!
I can cry over the valuable seed, the beauty of Gods Word, the richness of the teaching, just falling down, destined to bring fruit but worthless because of the proud and hard rejecting “soil”! This is what I observe sitting in the benches. The funny or sad thing is that the rain we are praying for has even a negative effect, because firstly it does not really soften the ground and secondly flushes away the seed that just lays there.

So, what to do then?
When bringing these issues up, people think that I don’t believe in it anymore. Well nothing is less true. As said in the little clip and reflected in all the Words Jesus is speaking about the Kingdom, it is not one or the other, not truth in details, subjected by gravity. It is above, beyond, bigger and more.

The Kingdom of God, of Heaven is like…
Lets take a closer look in the week ahead to the stories of Jesus beginning with those exciting words sounding like: Once upon a time…

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