The Art of Celebration

It dropped into our mailbox early this morning, an invitation for a party, a celebration in the Netherlands! Right away I knew this would end up on my blog and I will tell you why!

Uitnodiging feestje bij The Bax Family in	Oldebroek zat 29 maart 12 - 17 uur

I left out the adress, because I don’t want the whole world to show up on their party as the Netherlands has experience in that area and I am not in the authority to invite you to their party :-)!

In short, the invitation states: You are so welcome on our party! Why a party? Well, why not! We are not yet in Hawaii (the brave calling of this big family) but there are reasons enough to have this party! The fact that we know you(!) and would love to see you(!) is one of them. And also that we are on this lovely place (selling all their stuff and going on this unknown journey)!

Celebrating when you don’t feel. Celebrating when everything around you shouts: NO. When people look at you and qualify your choices. When your wallet shouts “stupid” and your Spirit yells “Go on!”. Celebrating knowing me and you! Celebrating this little cottage, which has hardly enough room for a family with 5 really alive kids!

I just needed to honor this kind of steps and elevate them from “irresponsible” to”leap of faith”! It is for the critics an “offending of the comfort” and that in itself is all the reasons enough to do what they know they have to do!

And… I have sit with them seen their tears and their fears, so this is more that an ignorant life! They know the cost and  God gives the brave this extravagant joy of a child knowing that their Father is in charge!

So, welcome to the Party!

The following song is from the new album of Rend Collective Experience called:
The Art of Celebration!

The Bax Family: Click here for English

2 thoughts on “The Art of Celebration

  1. Rob, thank you. Your response this week, came in a special timing, and has elevated me to a intimate place with the Father. It brought me tears of happiness. Thank you my friend.

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