So what’s about the piano?

He asked me why I put the new header with the piano on this blog (which shows up randomly)… And I could only answer: Nice pictures and that’s where we started the conversation that led to this post.



The conversation was too personal, but mainly this morning I want to start again this conversation with you my precious readers.

As by now I have to take care of 3 blogs, which all represent a part of the why of my being in Sweden, being around people and loving God, I have to think where I write what. This blog as about the great compassion of God, sending the spirit(anointing) of Elijah, in order to turn the hearts but mostly to avoid the curse coming true! The heart of a Father, refusing to let His precious children, His amazing “in His image” creation die without destiny and it is about “turning your heart” that I want to write about!

The Piano
In our conversation it were the pictures that touched something in the heart and brought up some emotions. There are many ways to “observe” the piano! Of course the ultimate way of “observing” is when the ear catch the sound! When the ear is able to purely receive what the pianist wants to communicate, it is where we “connect” in a deep way!

I have been thinking about the three years, Jesus was walking with the 12, as they observed their master, their teacher and even their friend. In the same time it was Jesus “observing” the guys, the 12 chosen, called ones, knowing their destiny but in the same time seeing the obstacle of reaching. He needed this deep and intense way to be together in order to be sure that the message they had to distribute was understood by heart. Investing in their personal relationship, by watching Him to walk, talk, work miracles and even watching Him dying! The trust that Jesus had in His “strategy” where there was no hidden agenda, no “steam course for world evangelism”, but a heart to heart implanting of a Culture of Heaven. It confronted them with every step they made and… it was ok! Jesus was ok with that as it needed to be like that.
That is for me where the piano comes in, where we choose how to observe and even connect with the instrument.

The waiting keys, used and old but proven to be able to serve the player. The inner part, hammers, the strings, depended on the skilful trained person that would use this instrument to perform. But also the hours of labor, long before this old piano was what is  was suposed to be. The sweat, the love, the frustration and… the tuning! I love this way of “observing”, where this piano is much more that some willing tones, but where the whole environment defines the sound that comes from it.

Our conversation
Our conversation was about that. The beauty of an experience of observation. Seeing and even hearing beyond! Valuing more that the obvious, listening with more that our ears. Making a journey, backward and forward when we “observe” each other, the beautiful “instrument”! I love to observe the orchestra, the instruments, the old violins and the care of the owner by preparing it for their part in the Symphony!

This is how I learn to observe, to see you and to value you beyond what the eye can see. To confront myself when I know I limit you by my 2-dimensional soulish observation. I push myself to see more, to hear even more and in that way I understand that our lives and our connection needs fine-tuning!

So, you see what a “Just Nice Pictures” can do and I hope you are challenged to develop that skill!

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