I was watching this clip of the testimony of Jason Upton and was reminded of this post about the subject of what I would now call “spiritual abortion” on my former blog, The Legacy of a Dreamer. Really felt to reblog it in the line of discipleship and raising children. Be so blessed!

So sorry that the reason for this blog, a wonderful clip of David Wilkerson on the subject of Abortion, is deleted from Youtube…

But watching it, my thoughts went off in a philosophical way on the issue of abortion…
How much “life” did you ended premature lately? Thoughts, ideas, impressions, beginnings of something great, something life-worthy, that was not received and recognized.
The Church is guilty of killing destinies, potentials, beautiful beginnings by the power of words and flesh and ego and doctrine! I survived many attacks on the many ‘new births’ over the years and thank God, I have understand that it needs wisdom to recognize Life! Being aware of the small beginnings, learning to understand that “it has live potential” is a thing you learn close the the heart of the Giver of Life. I have done many “mouth to mouth” savings of dying potential and wounded destinies and I have learned to “march” and “demonstrated” with the banners high up, in order to make people aware of the “killing in the back-yard” of our “christian life”.
Today, in the natural, a new generation is arising. A generation of survivors with the understanding of the fact that millions of their fellow youngsters have been murdered by the simple statement of “right of the woman”! In the same way, I thank God that there is a spiritual new generation arising, a generation of survivors of abortion, that are longing for the “breathing of life”, the confirming of destiny and the laying down of life “fathers and mothers” that serve this upcoming generation.
We need to humble ourself and dedicate our life to this future generation and humbly pray that we will recognize the “small beginnings”!

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