The shortcut effect

If you prefer beautiful routes over short ones…

It was this statement in an article about GPS routing that stood out as a flashing light! The short one, the cutting off, the easy way…
The header was: Forget the Shortest Route Across a City; New Algorithm Finds the Most Beautiful.

In an algorithm orientated digital world we nowadays find everything and our life is made so easy. As Google and Yahoo are our daily companions, they help us find “whatever needed” (and we even trust them)! No big effort to “know” and discover. Of course the side effects are more scary than we can imagine as our brain and our body is no longer pushed to the limits and beyond and with it “the new” is not new at all!

I know that I am not revealing new insights by my statements above but I have always chosen to be surprised by Life. Even when I had to go to my office, I prevented myself to get bored by finding out at least 5 ways to get there. 5 routes that kept me from routines and I always choose the random. Not a routine, not a predicted way of living. But… when time goes by, you find out that even the random can become rhythm!

The problem on being focussed on a preconception of “what it has to look like” is that we focussed on the arriving part, the things we want to reach and with it we keep ourself from the most beautiful thing that life can offer you: The Process!

There is so much to discover, so much to see when you keep yourself from finding the “shortcuts”! Mostly it makes you humble by discovering that there is too much outside there to discover in your little tiny life. So much goes on now as I could address so many other “findings” but mostly my message is: Let Him lead, follow His voice, let Him decide the route, because HE KNOWS BEST!

Just to add: I have been watching this amazing documentary about many examples of being led and being surprised…

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