Can I Share my Heart with you?

It was this announcement with the header “Prayer request and update” from our dear and close friends, that came in that day that landed on the “many thoughts and processes” I have been experiencing during the past some month’!
With the experiences of Internet and social media, I had decided long ago that in no way I would give myself to the “reacting mode” as we all by now are moulded to react on reactions through reacting! Therefor, since I have a very creative mind, I had dedicated myself to the “hearing and answering” discipline. That morning early I awoke and decided to write the following:

An early morning reaction, not able to sleep. Troubled by the many thoughts that surrounded me like that fly that keeps on testing me just now.

Oh Father, how long will we have to struggle, how long do we need to wait?
Father, we totally trust you, but it seems (looks like) there is such a lack and no answers. Initiatives that die, houses not to be sold, people in lack, loneliness, absence of corporate praise…

My head is making overtime, pushing itself into the trust mode while my soul is crying out loud that it is TIME FOR ANSWERS!  Not just comforting words but visible deeds!

Is God about money? No, but everything around us is!

Father, what are we missing?
I am so willing to fast but than You say:

Will the fast I choose be like this: A day for a person to deny himself, to bow his head like a reed, and to spread out sackcloth and ashes? Will you call this a fast and a day acceptable to the Lord? Isn’t the fast I choose: To break the chains of wickedness, to untie the ropes of the yoke, to set the oppressed free, and to tear off every yoke? Is it not to share your bread with the hungry, to bring the poor and homeless into your house, to clothe the naked when you see him, and not to ignore your own flesh and blood? Then your light will appear like the dawn, and your recovery will come quickly. Your righteousness will go before you, and the Lord’s glory will be your rear guard. At that time, when you call, the Lord will answer; when you cry out, He will say, ‘Here I am.’ If you get rid of the yoke among you, the finger-pointing and malicious speaking, and if you offer yourself to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted one, then your light will shine in the darkness, and your night will be like noonday. The Lord will always lead you, satisfy you in a parched land, and strengthen your bones. You will be like a watered garden and like a spring whose waters never run dry. (Isaiah 58:5-11 HCSB)

God, they (as we) all have been willing to make bold steps, trust You to the full…
Father, this is no longer about them and their steps but about Your honor as it seems that “wickedness” pays off.

And at the end… we know, we will be still and know that You are God, but in the meantime, please arise from your throne on behalf of you children!

I just needed to reflect my heart and hope we can unite in this.

Last year the Lord spoke about 2014 as “the year of the Symphony”!

Coming in agreement is a joyful Sound!
When we elevate the personal needs to a corporate praise, a Sound, a Frequency will break the yoke!

A last thought….
Lets break the Silence!

Well, I can say that a chain of “reactions” started to come in as my inbox almost exploded, but they all had the wonderful identity of “hearing and answering” and it was that day that the “individual need” landed in the heart of the “hearing ones” and caused a floodgate of unity and proved that God had build “community” over the past lonely  and seemly desolated years!
I will share more later in the days to come but through the impact of the bold and urgent “Prayer Request and Update”, while the Lord told me to “be still and wait” through observation, I saw a the contours of His strategy in the time ahead. Promises came more into the visible through a deep and profound Sound that started to grow in strength!

As I normally close down my e-mails with: Dutch by birth, Sweden by choice, Kingdom by Grace, today I can fully say with a proud and grateful heart that I am Dutch by birth and Choose to be send to Sweden, but mostly that we (as a family) live, through His Grace, from the identy of His Kingdom!

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