Presence of God?

And it was always so close, so around, so obvious and maybe too obvious that it was so easy to miss! The beauty of the life God allowed me to see grow in and around me, changing from others perspective into the identity that was so deep and strong within me as it is in all of us. The whole issue of pursuing things that in themselves represent the deep longing for this greater thing causes us so easy to walk away and miss where we were looking for. The “coming home” in the thankfulness of self, forefathers, generational promises and potential, created, brought in by Father God Himself. 

While everything around us is so terribly out of sync caused by the eruption of sounds, of evil, of selfishness, the biggest struggle is to keep far from the influence by “separating”, detaching and walking away from it. Not from people as we mostly do, since the people represent and maintain the thing we hate so much, the thing that keeps us from the beauty for our creation. No not from but for them through finding, receiving and returning!

When the season of departing is over, when the “land of oppression” has been left behind, this enormous “passing the desert” is there to bring us home! For us, for me, this is where we are. As I talked yesterday to my friend about being this lonesome rider because of this process, we saw the danger of taking it into your identity and then start “liking” the loneliness that brought it. This is where I hear the Voice speaking out loud, where the song needs to sang over the desert to bring them home. Those who got lost on the trail and started to adopt the name that goes with is namely “nomads”!


Well, this is why we need to elevate the tune into a song. Where we need to bring the instrument into the orchestra and where the frequency, designed, written, composed by the Composer, the Symphony for this nation needs to be released. Redeeming the time, making it go again, turning the sandglass so we give back the destined time for the things ahead of us.

So, the Presence of God, as much as I cherish the moments where this atmosphere is of Him showing up, this Presence is ahead of us in a far greater dimension that we could have comprehend!

I just felt to bring these words out. This praising the things Father gave us, my wife and me, through every step we boldly and sometimes stupidly made. These beautiful children, never asked to be where we (He) brought them but willingly and even today by decision, are where we are, Family to the Full, living His will on Earth as it is in Heaven. This beauty of honouring former generations by finishing the little steps they made. Lifting it from this one Abraham, into two sons of Isaac, into this nation out of the loins of (a broken) Jacob! The God of the three generations, growing it into a nation that until today challenge and angers the world. 

And yes, daily we are longing for the corporate praise, the gathering of the saints, the Sound of Worship that is beyond the sound of a culture. And yes, we prepare a generation that will perform this Sound, this praise because ´there will not be a worship leader to bring them there, but because they have Someone to Praise, to bring out, even to shout out. They represent even four to five generations of seeking and finding, of following and being followed!

I know He is Present, RePresent(ed) by the beauty of my (extended)Family!

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