By Ron McGatlin

(This word may be one of the most extreme I have received from God. There is EXTREME CHANGE happening NOW. It may not be for everyone to fully receive. However, I believe it is for everyone to read and to be aware. God is speaking to His people worldwide and especially in the western nations.)

Among the people of God in America and other western nations God has reserved a people for this time.
All that we have seen coming is now here. The end of life as it has been for every person among us is here.
The time of the mighty men and women of God has come. The young men of grandeur will now arise in great strength of the glorious power of God.

Let the weak now say, I AM STRONG!

The Plagues of Judgment

The nations are falling apart under the grotesque leadership of fallen-world leaders who produced corrupt lives in the populations of once godly nations. In the midst of the crumbling of everything that held the nations together, the structure of the ungodly governments are breaking apart into anarchy. Evil forces are arising dividing the nations setting one faction against another, neighbor against neighbor, and brother against brother.

The destroyers are raising up to destroy the existing world political and religious systems that have turned away from God. City after city is being reduced to ashes and piles of rubble. The plight of the people worsens daily. The smell of death is upon the land. The people cry out in their pain, “Who will help us? Is there no one who can deliver us? Violence calls to violence as a fierce force of darkness tramples upon the people of the land. No one stands up to stop the murderous rampage of devils that are unrestrained by the once powerful nations of God.


Viciously attacking the attackers will only create more evil upon evil, war upon war. There is no end in this approach except continued evil violence and war.

There is a reason, a root cause why the destroyer has been released and is unrestrained. The root cause and its source must be dealt with to stop the hordes of demons in their deadly rampage. The root cause that must be dealt with is MIXTURE IN THE PEOPLE OF GOD.

While they call out peace, peace and grace, grace they have gone the way of Baal into worshiping many gods of pleasure and greed, gods of the lust of the eyes and the pride of this life. Following their own minds they have left their love for God and have made hundreds of thousands of idols. They bow their lives to their idols and speak idol words and call it the words of God.

The really sad thing is that the people have no idea that this mixture has crept into their lives gradually over generations. They continue in a form of godliness that makes them feel they are where they should be and think that their ways are acceptable to God.

The Arising Heroes of God

A purified holy people completely set apart to the one true God must come forth on earth.

God is pouring out a supernatural empowerment in chosen ordinary men and women to arise and lead armies of God’s people. With humility, great strength, and wisdom, they will lead many of God’s chosen people to be transformed into holy kingdom people.

None will regard themselves but will serve the living God without reservation. With devotion and strength from on high, the arising armies of God’s people will follow Christ in their supernaturally empowered leaders. Nothing will be impossible to these armies of men and women. They are all connected directly into the power source in heaven by the Holy Spirit. Whatever the will of God is, whatever task they are assigned, they will move in one accord with one another and with holy angels to do all God has instructed.

Their job is to turn a people from their past lives of mixture with the things of this fallen world by turning them to the purity and holiness of the fullness of love and power flowing from the heart of God into and through them. Their mission is to change the world by changing the people of God. Leading the people of God through transition across the rugged terrain of a new frontier of kingdom of God living on earth as it is in heaven.

God is taking us to a place we have never been before.

Some of you reading this are some of those ordinary people to become God’s empowered humble heroes in this hour of severe transformation. Fire is being kindled in your hearts and minds that will not allow you to continue as you have been in the past. Prayer will ignite you with supernatural faith that opens the way to receive the power and wisdom from heaven. A shout from heaven will reverberate through your being. You will arise and do what God has for you to do, no matter what. Nothing will stop the powerful love and wisdom of the living God abiding in and with His people.

God is giving you to see the reality of the perishing of the nations with millions of people being consumed in disaster with no leadership and no power to help themselves.

He is opening your eyes to see the mixture that is the root cause of the current devastation.

He will supernaturally empower you to stand tall and speak His words of His love, purity, and holiness into the people. By the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit and help of holy angels, their mixture will be exposed to you and to them. As the true reality of the kingdom of God on earth in all its purity and glory is made real to them, suddenly they will see their own mixture and turn from their past lives to be strengthened and given access into all God has provided for them in this life. And then God will send powerful angels to turn the wicked upon the wicked to destroy one another and will annihilate the ones who have troubled the land.

Not everyone will turn to God with their whole hearts to be cleansed of their mixture and join the armies of God to fight for others to be made new. Many of God’s people will only be finally cleansed and healed as they leave their earthly bodies to be with the Lord.

A New Breed of Humble Spiritual Heroes

It is more apparent than ever that the war is not a natural war but a supernatural spiritual war of light and darkness. The empowered men and women of light are arising with a humble BOLDNESS to carry the sword of the power of the spoken word to destroy the strongholds in the hearts and minds of God’s people.

The battle is the Lord’s. There is no power or strength in natural men to destroy the strongholds in the hearts of God’s people. To attempt to rise up in natural human boldness and strength against the powers of darkness is futile. It will only lead to failure.

The secret weapon that will destroy the works of darkness in God’s people and in the world is the absolute love, power, and wisdom of God abiding in Christ in His people by the Holy Spirit.

A new nation is arising on earth – a nation within all nations – a nation of humble powerful people in whom Christ dwells – a people who are truly the body of Christ, the dwelling place of God on earth. This is reality to the new breed of spiritual heroes arising to lead the new nation, the Israel of God, the New Jerusalem people.

A new people are arising who will demonstrate the love and power of Almighty God to take back the minds and hearts of God’s people. They will live apart from the nations in which they arise. They will not hear or see the voices and images of the darkness. They will raise up children in pure holiness of God to know the way of the awesome power and wisdom flowing through them by the abiding Spirit of God in them. Miraculous power to heal the people and defeat all enemies will attract those who have a hunger for God. Even in the times of desperate persecution these will know the love and security of their indwelling, all-powerful God.

Their courage is not of themselves but of God living within them. Sons of glory will shine in the time of darkness and explode across the world after the darkness of cleansing judgment has finished its work.

Be strong and very courageous in the Lord, for He will never leave us nor forsake us, and it is His good pleasure to give us His kingdom. Indeed, we are His body on earth, His place of dwelling and being on earth. People of this new nation of God know that this is literal and not figurative – that their bodies are members of Christ. This is reality. Christ actually abides by the Holy Spirit in all who are truly His people who have no other gods.

Being one with Christ and entertaining other gods is spiritual adultery. The purified holy Bride has been cleansed of all harlotry with other gods.

1 Corinthians 6:15 Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of Christ and make them members of a harlot? Certainly not! 16 Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For “the two,” He says, “shall become one flesh.” 17 But he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him.

19 Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 20 For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s.

Arise and Shine,

Ron McGatlin


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