Songs of Ascents (4) – God’s Favor

Psalm 123

Looking for God’s Favor

A song of ascents.

1 I lift my eyes to You,
the One enthroned in heaven.
2 Like a servant’s eyes on his master’s hand,
like a servant girl’s eyes on her mistress’s hand,
so our eyes are on the Lord our God
until He shows us favor.
3 Show us favor, Lord, show us favor,
for we’ve had more than enough contempt.
4 We’ve had more than enough
scorn from the arrogant
and contempt from the proud.

Just an extra word as my heart reacts on the title “Looking for God’s Favor”! As we stood there in this wonderful office like every Monday morning, overlooking our beautiful Lake Vättern, the prayer was about Favor, about moving forward, about being blessed for the sake of!
Having enough of the contempt, the feeling of beneath worthiness, as we see the company where we have our weekly prayer of great worth in His eyes. While pushing on, moving forwards with declaring, proclaiming prayers, we were experiencing a Favor moving in, a Yes from above and then I remembered that Psalm 123 was next in line.

Show us favor Lord, show us favor! Just for the sake of a City, a nation, Your Kingdom!

Please be encouraged today with the Favor of The Lord…

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