Painting a Wall

This morning I was painting a wall….

Names started to pop up in my thoughts. Names of dear people that visited the room where I stood and the wall became kind of a wailing wall! Please understand that I don’t write complaining, but wailing!

wail |weɪlnouna prolonged high-pitched cry of pain, grief, or anger: Christopher let out a wail.• a prolonged high-pitched sound: the wail of an air-raid siren.verb [ no obj. ] utter a wail: Tina ran off wailing | [ with direct speech ] :  ‘But why?’ she wailed.• make a prolonged high-pitched sound: the wind wailed and buffeted the timber structure | (as adj.wailing:  wailing sirens.• with obj. ] literary manifest or feel deep sorrow for; lament: she wailed her wretched life.

It became a struggle between what is and what has been, what could be and what has become! It more or less was a struggle of the consequences of a YES to the Father and a fight of the soul. And there at that wall I surrendered those thoughts as being a proclamation that the best is yet to come!

I have been writing about the sabbatical we took and with it the beautiful consequences of honouring the soil and trusting the process and this is what I decided to do! Trusting the Soil, the Seed, the “what was” and “what is to come”!

Be all so blessed, even if you don’t have a clue of where this is all about.
Have a valuable look-back and a hopeful looking ahead!

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