Ultimate Connections

By Ron McGatlin

Many of you reading this have in the recent past entered into a higher level of spiritual reality and realization of dynamics of life in the Spirit realm. The sometimes frightening and always awesome relationship with the most powerful magnificent and glorious SPIRIT BEING, the FATHER of all creation, the LORD of all life, the Ancient of Days, is beyond word description. Neither the greatest words of human beings nor the most magnificent paintings of the greatest artist can describe the reality of the glory and majesty of ALMIGHTY GOD.

Some others of you reading this are on the edge of a cliff of “solid rock” belief in a distant God and Savior and are leaning forward to peer into what seems to be nebulous and unreal, too good to be true, spiritual air.

Our spirits may long to step off the cliff into the Spirit of God realm of that which is beyond supernatural, a “Spirit-natural” realm of heaven resting fully in our hearts, producing the life of God in us in this world now. However, our souls cry out to remain on the solid ground of the hard rock cliff of human understanding. What may not be seen is that the “solid rock” is not really solid at all. The strong religious and secular humanistic teachings and practical worldly experiences that have formed strong limitations and firm boundaries in us are being shaken and are crumbling. They are melting away in the glorious presence of God in and among His people.

We are now in 2015 entering into a season of endings and beginnings, of shaking of all that can be shaken (things which are made by man), and the establishment of the greater kingdom of God that cannot be shaken.

Since the tower of Babel, mankind has attempted to build a high edifice of bricks (manmade clay rocks) to reach high enough to attain heavenly atmosphere while keeping our feet upon the “solid rocks” (literally clay) of Spirit-limiting, natural human understanding.

One of the primary and strongest efforts of man has been to establish connections in groups and organizations for strength to build the edifices of man’s desire and design. Both religious and secular organizations and structures have been established as corporate functions to build the kingdoms of men.

These corporate structures become power centers for affecting the control or governing of the people within its influence. The people are connected by common goals and the fulfillment of personal needs or desires. Hierarchy of rule develops among the strongest willed people who relate to one another primarily for the personal benefit that can be gained through the connection. In short the structures are based upon need and greed. These natural human structures of power are a part of the “solid-rock cliff” that is crumbling away in this season.

Spiritual gatherings are establishing kingdom order of relationships.

For decades God has been very actively preparing a people individually, often in a sort of wilderness apart from involvement in the systems or structures of religious and secular connections. Largely the people in wilderness preparation have been without close human connections of any sort. This was needful so that the people would be able to invest their entire being in relating to God in the Spirit realm.

In very recent years God has been bringing some of these people together in small groups. This has been greatly satisfying and encouraging to become connected to a few precious people in pure holy love of the Spirit. In this atmosphere the precious gospel of the kingdom has been and is now being restored in small groups.

In the year of 2015, there is a move of God to connect some of these small groups or clusters in love connections with other similar groups. This is entirely a work of the Spirit of God through supernatural or more accurately “Spirit-natural” love for one another. Spirit connections are made among the people as they come together and are often surprised at the unexplainable pure holy love that they experience for one another. Almost instantly there is a bond of love between them to the depth that they will lay down their lives for one another.

There is no one seeking to build or establish themselves or their position among the group or groups. Only those who have come into that deep intimate relationship connection with ALMIGHTY GOD in the HOLY SPIRIT of GOD through Christ Jesus can fully enter into the perfect union of the group or groups. Christ Jesus is within and among them in the Holy Spirit, and there is no need for another head. There is not even need for “delegated authority of headship” in the group. Christ Jesus is resident in the people and is fully present to head up and guide the group or groups. The only leadership that is present is the Spirit of God in His people. There are no hierarchies of rule in the real kingdom of God.

The leadership for every situation is the Spirit touching or tagging the individual or individuals who are willing and available to respond to the Spirit’s touch upon them. Those who are more mature in walking in the Spirit and presenting what Christ Jesus is doing and saying, humbly function in steering or leading those who are less mature.

There is no need for, and must not be, any of the normal false fronts and masks presented in natural human social and religious relationships. Political and religious correctness has no place or part in the kingdom of God. Veils that are worn to protect one’s self from exposure to the unloving people of natural connections are not necessary and are unacceptable. Veils and false fronts of insincere politeness and niceness that always work the lie of hiding true feelings and needs are a serious block to real communication. There can be no oneness with God and with one another without humility and transparency.

We are naked (without false coverings) and unashamed before God and one another in the fullness of the presence of Almighty, all loving God. Humility totally replaces the hypocrisy of the pretending that was required in the past humanistic ungodly connections.

God is love. He is holy, completely righteousness, and never lies. Nice is not a good word in speaking of the characteristics of Almighty God. Nice implies being socially acceptable and polite, etc. God is full of loving kindness which is far greater and much deeper that niceness. Christ in us and us in Him is all loving, forgiving, and merciful but not socially and politically correct or nice in that sense.

Love is the primary means by which we are being changed. Often love is brought to the fore front and more fully realized as we endure lingering pain within ourselves or our loved ones. Even fiery trials can be used to break us down to the pure holy love of God.

As we become ONE WITH GOD through abiding in Him and Him in us, our old life is replaced with His life. Our will becomes His will. His ways become the ways of the life we live. It is no longer ourselves that live in us but Christ Jesus who lives where we once lived.

Our spirit has become filled and saturated with His Spirit. His Spirit is much more powerful and becomes the dominant Spirit of our lives. Christ living in us is the hope of glory, the fulfillment of maturity as sons of God bringing forth the ways of heaven on earth.

How beggarly and weak are the ways of the natural life of humanistic social and political order in comparison to the heavenly reality of His kingdom life and order. Kingdom life is coming forth in the love of God in His people loving and serving Him by serving one another with the strength and power of God Almighty.

Pray for the Kingdom of God to come in the gatherings of the clusters or groups and nothing that defiles will enter in. The New Jerusalem reality of God is coming down from heaven and being formed in the people of God on earth now in this new season.

A new year, a new season, a new level of life in God in preparation for not only enduring the great and terrible season of worldwide cleansing judgments but for living the fully established kingdom of God life now in the undercover groups of God’s kingdom people.

In 2015, the Lord is not speaking to us about refining our lives. He is calling for a complete ending of our past secular and religious ways and the beginning of a whole new replacement life, the life of Christ Jesus.

There is not time to procrastinate. If you can hear the call now, the time is now to fully and completely respond. Jesus once told a man to go and sell all that he had and give to the poor and then come and follow Me. The call now is to empty your life, to truly become one with Christ Jesus, and follow only Him through the journey ahead of us.

In every situation, before you speak and respond as you usually do from habit, stop and allow the Spirit to change you and help you to remove all veils and false faces which work a pretentious lie. Speak the truth in love. Let your smile be sincere and your word be true. Walk in the Spirit, and allow Christ to fully live in you. He will live in you to love your enemies and bless those who curse you.

Pursue love and desire spiritual gifts. God is love, and His gift to you is Himself.

Much love and blessings,

Ron McGatlin

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