Hunger for God

The changes are subtle as the ‘church bound’ are sensing a restlessness never before felt. They recognize something is wrong, but automatically blame themselves. As they dig deeper, first comes religion…”I’ll work harder at church, volunteer for more programs and service;” but after a while, even this leads to more emptiness. Soon the focus shifts, maybe it is the pastor, the programs, the music…and then, all too soon, the realization hits – it is the system, the systems of men! They begin an earnest search for the City of God, the New Jerusalem, the Kingdom; nothing of man can satisfy. This hunger is what shapes the new wineskin, as man seeks the face of God rather than His hand. This seeking (Matthew 6:33) results in finding; a oneness, as man and his God, his Father, become one. In the ‘Church Age’ it was man and God; in the Kingdom Age it is God in man becoming one…”it is no longer I who live, but Christ in me, the hope of glory.”

This oneness produces a life never before lived, as death has no sting, fear non-existent, and purpose becomes the central focus of each hour on earth. It is here that the ‘great exchange’ has taken place, our life for His. The River of Life is flowing from heaven into earth, changing the dynamic of those who live here. 2015 will usher in great evidence of God’s Presence Upon The Earth, as men abandon the ‘ways of men’ in search of the ‘ways of God’ – the Kingdom.

Clay Sikes

One thought on “Hunger for God

  1. Sigrid Bergström

    Amen and halleluja for the New Jerusalem and the sons of Zion who are “born there”

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