The Poem of a Daughter



Thank you for always giving me more than enough,
for always giving the last of what you had, even when times were rough.
Thank you for telling me “You are not pitiful”,
that at times when I was crying my heart out, you told me that was beautiful.

Thank you for acknowledging me
to see myself the way God made me to be.
Thank you for taking my words serious,
that even as a kid it didn ́t make you bored but curious.

Thank you for admitting more than one mistake,
it proved me that you were the real deal and not fake.

Thank you for showing me not to walk in shame,
but that reaction is more fun, and silence works like chain.

Thank you for not pushing me into a profession,
but supporting me in my creative expression.
Thank you for learning me to see the possibility,
to look beyond the limitation and to believe in my ability.
Thank you for teaching me not always to live in security and balance,
but to always be prepared for a challenge.

Thank for your trust
and for teaching me that telling the truth is a must.
Thank you for learning me to appreciate every little thing,
to see the beauty in every season from summer to spring.

Thank you for expanding my knowledge with your heart,
for buildings, nature and art.
Thank you for all the times I could depend on you,
when you had to drive, once again to a place I had to go to.

Thank you for all the hours we spend talking,
for the times you took me out walking.
Thank you for understanding the importance of a male role model
and that the absence of a father would be hard to swallow.
Thank you for showing me how a husband should be,
that laying yourself down in a marriage is the key, even when you disagree.

Thank you for teaching me that love is not about a feeling,
but that it will survive by nurturing and feeding.
Thank you for taking me under your wings,
when I could not see the difference between positive and negative things.

Thank you that in times that I did not act correct,
you led me earn back your respect.
Thank you for loving my son
without you and mom what would I have done?
Thank you for learning me the most important thing there is,
that there is no truth that gives freedom outside His.

Thank you for always trusting God,
even when it would mean that we would follow Him abroad.
Thank you for being the pioneer that you are
and that your visions have brought us so far.
Thank you for increasing my life with your wisdom,
for sharing your thoughts on how to build his kingdom.

Dad, your legacy is beyond your imagination,
it will not stay with a dream,
it will grow like a seed,
it will prove not to be a weed,
and develop like a tree,
fruitful as can be,
without a hesitation.

Your daughter

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