A Prepared Place

I need to post(reblog) this significant dream in order to REmember the words!
REmember to me is add it again as a member (part) of the promises God gave us over the years and to honer the receiving!

Devotional Diary


Just want to share a dream I head two weeks ago. I hope it will bless you and will speak to you.

In the dream I saw myself running after a ball. It was rolling fast towards the doors of a big building. As the ball rolled through the doors in to the building I jumped after it to stop it. Failing to do this, I landed inside the building and saw that the ball rolled to the middle of the room. From the inside the place looked like a huge, old, empty factory. When I looked to the side I saw a man standing in a blue work overall, cleaning his hands as if he had been working. He told me to look at the work he was doing in the building. I saw that the old floor was filled with cracks and holes. To restore the floor the…

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