Leading them out…

About Moses and Egypt,
About Joshua and Promised Land,
About perception of time, place and vision,
About the lack of identity and dreams.

perception |pəˈsɛpʃ(ə)nnoun mass noun ] the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses: the normal limits to human perception.• awareness of something through the senses.

vision |ˈvɪʒ(ə)nnounmass noun ] the faculty or state of being able to see: she had defective vision.• the images seen on a television screen.the box converts the digital signal into sound and vision on an ordinary TVmass noun ] the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom: the organization had lost its vision and direction.• count noun ] a mental image of what the future will or could be like: a utopian vision of societyan experience of seeing someone or something in a dream or trance, or as a supernatural apparition: the idea came to him in a vision.

identity |ʌɪˈdɛntɪtinoun (pl.identitiesthe fact of being who or what a person or thing is: he knows the identity of the bombers |mass noun ] :  she believes she is the victim of mistaken identity.• the characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is.

dream |driːmnouna series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep: I had a recurrent dream about falling from great heights.• in sing. ] a state of mind in which someone is or seems to be unaware of their immediate surroundings: he had been walking around in a dreamall day.a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal:I fulfilled a childhood dream when I became champion.

Again yesterday, a day like many others having the privilege of meeting new friends and having those conversations which are so special, so destined and in a way so sad in the same time.

Let’s first address the sadness, since that was the thing that was solved easily and rapidly. It is always sad to be confronted with the absolute lack of identity, the struggle for the past many years of finding out, running around in a desert, a dry place of not knowing where they come from and where to go! I call them the lost generation, left behind in the desert with the lack of a Moses and a Joshua. As a generation died while the called ones (the parents and former generation) were not able to teach them about destiny and purpose, they are the wandering souls in a dry place of lack. While the ‘parents’ still had the understanding of slavery and hard labor which, in a way determined their identity, other that the people of Israel, there was the lack of understanding generational responsibility!

So we met, we sat and we talked. With no cause other than total, honest interest in each other. Willing to hear, to talk and to think out loud. What a beautiful moments as they cause the sadness of the reality to vanish and with it the despair of the past. We talked future, while listening to the past and with it letting the future speak louder than the pain of the lack. We talked about offspring, experiences, survival attitudes and names. It was great! Not complete, not a finished sermon, but a start with the promise to at least find a way out of this desert and to prepare them for crossing the Jordan.

I recognised the strength of a set apart generation, only ignorant but not unwilling! And that is where the joy, the purpose, the dreams and the vision entered again in this unexpected talk, while the spinach and the sausage tasted great. Planting a seed of hope by calling them by their destined name. The Josephs, Daniels, Esthers and Davids. The eager, longing ones who only need this connection to belong to a bigger purpose and future than their struggle in the lonely moments.

And that is where the sadness was just an observation from the past and the special, destined joy of a view in the future, a glimpse of greatness entered the conversation!

Oh how privileged I feel to meet them, to recognise them by god’s Grace and to encourage them. To sing the song at the edge of the desert so they find a way out and to lead them in!

I am closing with an encouragement to the ‘parents’ that wants to understand.


Leading them out of the Desert!

This song, singing at the edge of the Desert,
Sounding the sound over the empty environments,
Leading them out,
as a Beacon of Hope!
But, at the edge,
don’t get tempted to go and get them,
to walk in and “lead” them out.
But remain standing at the edge
fighting the feeling of falling short
while trusting that the void will carry the sound!The Sound can lead
The frequencies can call!

The speed of sound depends only on the temperature of the gas for an ideal gas. This implies that the ambient pressure on top of a mountain doesn’t affect the propagation of sound in air. So the speed of sound should be larger in hot desert air compared to cold air on a mountain top.

A sound that carry the promise of:
Crossing the Jordan
Entering the destiny!


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