The Early Mornings

So I try to draw closer to God and develop my trust in Him!
I love the early mornings, the fresh awaiting for the sunrise, the silence in the room as nothing is really expecting me to do other than to wait!
When the darkness is only temporary and we ‘know’ that ‘soon’ the light, in whatever form, or maybe even ‘darkened’ by the clouds, will appear!
Those moments where we of course can be troubled or kept busy by the unknown worries that somehow find their way in our mind and try to cry for attention.
That’s where we only can take the Word and demand those illegal and untrue voices to be silent and remove from us!
The strong preparation for a new day with new strength and new perspectives. The decisions we make to let this day as new as it can be and that the memories of yesterday will not become substance but only be memories, since we dealt with them last night by covering them under the Blood of Jesus and if not we will deal with them NOW!
And then, we experience a flow of NEW is entering our spirit, washed by the Word, where the Word is bringing up verse after verse, since we opened up a well, a stream of Living Water.
Yes, I love the early mornings and as these words were flowing under my fingertips, I hope they will do where Father gave then for in you too!

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