Before you can arrive…

Although iOS7 is already replaced by iOS8 and the next version will probably arrive before we know it, the message of this post from September 2013 became suddenly as new as new can be!

Only arrive in your destiny and live from it… the full!

From the heart of a father


As all is so new on my iPad with iOS7, all is so new ahead of us. Fresh, simple, promising, with still much that needs to be unveiled… Just this morning it dropped in my spirit that the issue of separating yourself from the influences of the systems and structure we are part of, is vital in order to receive full understanding on the purpose of your lives.

Never forget that before one can “arrive” [in the fullness of their Kingdom-position, and destiny in Christ] they first must depart [from the worldly structures and systems].

This are the words that entered my inbox and remind me of the vital words spoken when, as a boy of 17, I received a word from a german pastor about keeping the movement by learning from the surfers (in San Francisco). It was a new hype at that time (1968) as the “hippies” found…

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