Sing your Way to Victory 

Today on this Day of National Prayer called Nationaldagsbön, I want to reblog this significant assignment given by the Lord through a trusted voice: Lana Vawser! A Word of confirmation that God will Restore the Sound of Significance of this nation as the SONG is part of the identity of Sweden! Sweden Will Sing Again the Sounds of Redemption!


by Lana Vawser

I had a dream last night where the Lord directed me to “sing” out the promises that He had spoken over my life and over the lives of others. As I felt directed I began to say to the Lord “But Lord, I can’t sing, I don’t have a good voice.”

Again, I felt the Lord direct me “SING OUT” and as I began to sing over my own life and the lives of others I was SURPRISED by the beautiful sound that came out of my mouth as I sung.

As I sung, my voice was beautiful, yet full of authority and confidence in Him and what He has said. HUGE shifts began to take place as I sung, I then woke up.

I felt the Lord saying today “SING your way to VICTORY“. In your secret place, in your meetings, wherever the Lord directs you SING. Look not at your “inabilities” and “lack” but know that as you sing, a new heavenly sound will be released from your mouth.

The heavenly sounds I saw released from the mouths of the people of God were HUGE prophetic downloads. You may not hold the “right key” or know the “right note” but the Lord is releasing HUGE spontaneous prophetic messages as His people SING SING SING.

As these “prophetic messages” are released through singing out what He is saying, what He has said, and His Word, sudden shifts were taking place. Victory was manifesting as the rhema word flowing from the heart of God is declared in faith by His people releasing them into greater freedom and victory.


As many of the people of God sat with Him in their secret place and asked Him what was on His heart and sung out what He was saying I saw “surprises” opening up over them as the Lord opened up new ideas, new ways of thinking, new directions and new giftings were being brought to the surface.

Many of you have been searching and searching for answers from God, and I saw suddenly “answers” were being released through the prophetic downloads as the people of God were singing out.


As this “singing” was taking place, there was a drawing happening within the people of God into new realms and ways of hearing the Lord speak. A new way of “partnering” with Him was being entered into. Feet being placed in a higher realm of revelation and seeing Him move and speak in the spirit. New realms of worship were being entered into and new ways of expressing adoration to Him were being unlocked.

I also saw many of the people of God as they “sung out” moving into “upgrades” in the spirit. Their feet being placed on higher ground of “restoration”. The areas where the enemy has stolen and destroyed, shifts were taking place in the spirit that was seeing restoration manifested in new and surprising ways but with glorious heavenly increase. A great divine transaction was taking place in the hearts and lives of the people of God as they sung out what He was saying, it was seeing activated faith withdrawing what is already theirs because of Jesus.

Shifts of GREAT JOY are taking place as the people of God sing out what He is saying. I saw bombs of joy being released from heaven as the Lord DELIGHTED in the songs flowing from the hearts of His people. “Joy Joy Joy” was flooding the hearts of His people.

I want to encourage you today, whether you are a singer or not, whether you can hold a note or sing in the right key, go into your secret place and ask the Lord what He is saying, pull out your prophetic words and His promises to you from His Word and SING IT OUT. Even if you feel silly, SING IT OUT because there is a heavenly shift taking place as the people of God SING. You are singing your way to victory. Not only are divine shifts taking place as you sing over your life, but if the Lord directs you to sing over others, follow His lead, for He will enable and empower you and a glorious new heavenly sound will be released through you.

Let’s get singing people of God!