443: Thirsty land, dry ground, descendants and offspring


Isaiah 44:3 (HCSB)
For I will pour water on the thirsty land
and streams on the dry ground;
I will pour out My Spirit on your descendants
and My blessing on your offspring.

It is so easy to complain about the rain this summer as it poured down for the past many, many days already. Delayed spring, rainy summer and than of course the people here tell me: Swedish Summer, where there is even a glimpse of resignation as they learned to live with it.

In that way the verse above is not always connected as an answer to our prayers when we complain about the rain. Last week, as we drove to Gothenburg in order to bring a dear young friend of us back to the airport, this moment appeared on my dashboard that got my attention. The clock and the ‘Range’ meter where is says how much more kilometres I can drive with my fuel (a daily faith challenge for me)! It was a split second that both could be on the same numbers as it could be 444 or 443 or even they would jump both in the same time and the syncing was missed! But it turned to be 443!
Well from there the ‘speaking’ started and I felt to add it to the blog!

A prophetic impression by Marsha Burns
In a vision I saw a soft, gentle rain falling on those who are at rest, completely surrendered to the LORD.  The rain was filling cisterns that had become empty and dry.  There was a sense of refreshment on every level–a healing of body and soul, memories and emotions; rejuvenation of the spirit.  It was beautiful, sweet, pure life.  I sensed a time of restoration and renewal by this rain of the Spirit coming to God’s people.

I sensed a time of restoration and renewal by this rain of the Spirit coming to God’s people.
Just leave you with the picture, the verse and this prophetic word that dropped into my inbox this morning!
And with the dancing in the rain pictures by my descendants, my offspring so beautifully portrayed by Anne Elisabeth Art
IMG_4263 IMG_4265
IMG_4267  IMG_4270