“Everyone can do Something to Stop the Demand”

You know by now my unstoppable effort to see a generational understanding arising in the hearts and lives of the Body of Christ. With all the longings for His presence, a revival in our nation, a new Song to arise, it all is only and just for the reason of a greater purpose, a purpose beyond!

As I noticed the dramatic but so positive shift even in the different conferences this year all over Sweden, I rejoiced in the fact that it is not so much about great speakers brought in from abroad but the enormous among of seminars with the intention to edify the body of Christ! A shift from bless me with your word into prepare me for my word!

The bigger Purpose
The whole reason for this shift, for reviving a nation into their calling, for edifying the body of Christ is, not to stay too long in the so necessary  “humble yourself” refection, but to be part of the “healing” and become the healing for the nation!
When men arise and become men according to the word, when the families get healed and brought back to the altar of restoration, when churches allow His presence to become a corrective force, the darkness that surrounds us and mostly paralysis us, will flee for the fact that we are the Promised Light (Isaiah 60:1 )! When we Arise and Shine, we will be the people that lead the nation out of darkness into the Light!

And darkness there is and yes, mainly because we allowed a atmosphere of darkness to exist. The “humble yourself” part is not to sit and sing the blues but to arise, to acknowledge that we lack our responsibility and became as dark as the rest! The “humble yourself” issue is to get back in charge to  take the word of Isaiah 58 and start closing, feeding, sheltering and… spreading the light! When we start to become relevant again, we (moving from His presence ) will shine and force the darkness out of the cities, the families, the communities and even the church buildings!

This week, my nieces visit us and as we talk, I was so impressed by her determination to return to the passion of her heart and start to work in the red area district of a town in Germany! Passioned and determined to see the girls behind the windows getting free of the abuse and oppression!
Listening to a podcast of Covenant Eyes, the name Jason Pamer showed up, making a intense, confronting documentary called: Rape for Profit. I watched, very early this morning, in fact too early as it gripped me by the throat, ashamed for the gender I represent: Man! The one thing stood out as Jason said: “They call it the oldest profession, which is such a lie. It is the oldest OPPRESSION!

Well, back to the revival part, the Presence of God and the restoration of our purpose! My prayer is, as Ruth Nordström retweeted me: 🙏 I pray more people will join our fight against #trafficking. Everyone can do something to stop the demand & help young people @legacy_dreamer! Her reaction, seeing the video: ❤ Watching “Darly”, sexually abused at 4 & “Annie”, gang raped at her birthday party make me cry 💔 #fighttrafficking  twitter.com/legacy_dreamer…

Matthew 6:33 is my absolute favourite verse: Seek ye first My Kingdom and My righteousness… where righteousness stands for the quality of being morally right or justifiable.

So much more to share but for now please watch and say with me ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: