Body Connection Ignites Kingdom Purpose

By Clay Sikes

When the alignment of Divine ‘connection’ finds its order, all Heaven breaks loose! Spiritual energy is released as the blood of spiritual DNA provides new life. In many cases a spiritual blood transfusion takes place, and ‘life is snatched from the jaws of death!’ The blood of Jesus washes, cleanses, purifies, brings life where there was once death – Body parts ‘connecting,’ the essence of life! It takes one to know one! Spiritual fathers are finding true sons, as brothers find brothers, mothers find daughters, etc., THE BODY IS CONNECTING IN PURPOSE.

When the alignment of Divine ‘connection’ finds its order, all Heaven breaks loose!

God is corporately inhabiting His people, as the ‘appointed hour’ of a functioning Body, a powerful Church, has arrived. What was available individually is now available corporately – the end of the beast kingdom’s reign on earth (Daniel 7:27) sets into motion a requirement to know our corporate Kingdom responsibility. It is no longer about us individually, but us as an Army, a family, the Bride of Christ. As we begin to see our part, our fit, and connection in God’s proper alignment, supernatural response will come from heaven. Why? Because it is the time set by the Father. Purpose is in ‘the connection.’ Let me write that again for double emphasis – Purpose is in the connection. All real Kingdom life on earth, begins with purpose.

The Kingdom family is aligning for Kingdom purpose, as each part of the Body begins to function in its utilitarian assignment. In His Kingdom love, mountains are being scaled to ‘reveal’ the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. What mountain of Kingdom authority have you been assigned? If you read this with understanding you probably already know – if not, seek and find your assignment. We are in the ‘time’ of Kingdom assignments; a time of ‘knowing’ your path, a time of finding who you are connected to. Connection releases power.

As we flow together as one (with Him), He will contrast us as His…and man what an ‘open spectacle’ is He beginning to “show.” The kingdoms of men are bowing to the Kingdom of God. Our authority stems from the place of our ‘season on the cross.’ Overcoming testimony is the Kingdom Age demonstration replacing Church Age preaching, as ‘demonstration’ is what the whole creation groans for. Jesus is coming back for ‘A TESTIMONY! The whole creation groans for the manifestation of son(s), not ‘the Son;’ as ‘The Son’ is returning in us, the many membered-body.

We are first awakened to Christ in us (the hope of glory), then we arise (in Him), then we shine (in darkness). God is about to use us to ‘show off’ (shine in darkness). Testimony of God’s greatness, His favor upon His people, is happening everywhere now. This will increase in dramatic measure in the time just ahead. Awaken to ‘connection’ to see ‘purpose’ that will reveal ‘evidence’ of His favor. God desires to bless His people in the land of the living.

Overcoming testimony is the Kingdom Age demonstration replacing Church Age preaching, as ‘demonstration’ is what the whole creation groans for.

What God has ‘JOINED,’ let no man divide, least of all ourselves. In many cases these joinings will require departure from our traditional comfort zones. No ‘real purpose’ will lack opportunity to break with a traditional mindset. (Spiritual) ignorance often comes disguised as tradition – an imprisoning lifestyle. The best slaves are those who don’t know they are. The strength of the oppressor lies in the ignorance of the oppressed.

Awaken O sleeper – leave the place of good that you may find God’s Best!

As a citizens of the Kingdom of heaven, assigned to earth as ambassadors, we have the right to legislate Kingdom order on earth as it is in heaven. The corporate Body is ‘awakening’ to its legal rights. The power of corporate agreement is touching heaven and changing earth. As we access the courts of Universal Justice, obtain a verdict from the Most High, declare that verdict in heaven, it will manifest on earth. Greater works are beginning to dominate the earth as the manifestation of His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven IS NOW! Sons and daughters are arising with that understanding.

Pray with me in agreement – “Lord, let your Kingdom come in my/our lives on earth as it is in heaven. We declare it so this day!”