Dear beautiful Jönköping,

As this past Saturday they marched your streets with the cry to be loved the way they are, my cry, standing at the sides of the parade was about the lack of knowing the god-given identity, not just from the subject of the march but from all participants!!

Nothing in me condemned, not even was offended as they gathered in “unity” to tell the city that it is about accepting, that it was all about love!
It its so easy to come up with the reports, the statements, the bible verses but I know it does not make sense! Oh yes, I agreed with that brave old man that stood there with the sign that said: Man + Woman = Child (if we are lucky of course), but I did not feel to emphasise the pain of frustration of mixed feelings in the midst of a society that by now loves everything and does not really care about the right answer! I have to mention of course the fact that most people who where there where part of the hype, the excitement of flags and I guess that any subject with flags and media effort would have done it!

Was reading today this sad but true statement:
“The real disease that mankind is suffering from is ignorance!” Rabbi Mendel Kessin

Now dear Jönköping, I am not called to push you under with the truth that is so obvious for us Christians! Drowning is a terrifying experience and I don’t think shouting that I love you in a long row of 7000 paraders is the solution!

An egg broken from the outside always causes death, but broken from within will bring the triumph of Life!

I will promise you that the “answers” we church people are suppose to release will cause you to experience an accepting Love that is bigger than the empty sounds without answer!

You and I Jönköping know that the things that happened in your streets, long before this hype was hitting you, caused the poverty of your being to grow into the potential of who you are today. We know that if we would have marched the street at those days to cry for the love of accepting the emptiness, the disease that hit you hard, the moving of people far from Småland because of terrible circumstances, we know that it wouldn’t have really helped. You were in a terrible state when 2 brave guys, supported by a huge prayer effort, walked the city to tell the people that their is a real and transforming answer to the pain of those days! The result of it was that this city receive it’s name of honour, the name many government people have been trying to remove from the books: Småland’s Jerusalem!

Much of what that city is today has been the result of brave people with a passion for Change, knowing that there is a God who restores identity and when He breath again on a city, Life will return.

Dear Jönköping, as much as  they tried to erase the history of your “revival” we know it is still alive, waiting for that moment that people stop giving answers and start being the answers as they experience Him who said: I am the Answer! When the Sound of Life start to resonate again in the hearts and the gatherings of the many Christians in the city in unity, a harmony and not the dissonance that it is creating today, we know that it will cause the hidden life to revive and start rising again!

I have to be honest that I almost left you, giving up my rightful place in the city. I became almost part of the “fathers” that left their responsibility,  intimidated by the scary apathy of your culture.  Please forgive me but I will promise you dear beautiful city that our effort will be breathing Life, returning with the understanding of Covenant!

So in closing, the rich history, hidden in the dusty libraries, will be told again, will cause the people to hope again, will influence the “influencers” in your governmental buildings and will set you back on the course God has chosen for you.