Aren’t We All…

Listening to this song, while typing the words, I am so glad that it is my keyboard in front of me and not a piece of paper! It would have been soaked by the tears that are caused by the lyrics!

Aren’t we all in that huge need and aren’t we all in the habit to create our saviors, our fathers, our idols and our truth!

When you make your image about others in the hope they solve the need through the function you “created” for them! All birthed from this huge tendency wanting to see, to make visible and to have the certainty of life!

And then: May a broken God be known… 

In every attempt to give answer in the pride of our “saved Christian” life attitude, we forget too often that the answer is a broken life that mostly does not reflect the picture people have made of you!To be the broken bread and the poured wine!

United Pursuit

i abandon my addiction to the certainty of life

and my need to know everything
this illusion cannot speak, it cannot walk with me at night
as i taste life’s fragility

i am looking for a savior i can see and know and touch
one who dwells within the midst of us
May a broken God be known in the earth beneath our feet,
may our souls behold humility
may our souls behold humility

when our plans become the casualties of getting through the day
and we begin to know our weakness
and denial isn’t strong enough to hold our fears at bay
and we can’t escape our emptiness

i see the sympathy of heaven in the earth and wind and trees
hope within the rising sun

i am searching for meaning
i am looking for healing
i am haunted by your reflection
i was blinded by my addictions
i am torn apart by the dying
i am giving up on escaping
will learn to live without taking
will i learn to see beauty in the making

I can’t pretend to know
the beginning from the end
But there’s beauty in the life thats given
we may bless or we may curse
every twist and every turn
will we learn to know the joy of living

©2016 United Pursuit Music (ASCAP) and Capitol CMG Genesis (ASCAP)