This City is Ours

Early in the morning I’ve put a picture on my Instagram with the following beautiful stamens: This City is Ours! It was from an outreach young people did in the city of Manchester UK. I loved it and honour them for the way they took responsibility for the spiritual wellbeing of a City!


Later this morning I started to watch a Documentary called: The Last Reformation.
I can add much words to it but I will not! It challenged me in many ways.
Please watch it as there are many subtitles to it in almost any available languish and I pray that (y)our City will be taken by this movement!

Christianity moved to Greece and it became a philosophy
It came to Italy and it became an institution
It came to Europe and it became a culture
It came to America and it became a business

If you take a body and make a business out of a body, is that not prostitution?
And this is what we have done today with the church.
We have prostitute the church of Christ, the body of Christ.

And because of that we need to see a reformation, where we go so much deeper. Where we are talking about the doctrine, about the Spirit, and we are also talking about the whole system, the church system.
Why we do church the way we do it.
It’s time to go back to what we read in the Book of Acts.

Quote from: The Last Reformation
A Movie by Torben Søndergaard