God is raising a Company of Women with Fire in their Bellies!

By Lana Vawser 

Last night I had a dream and in my dream, I heard the voice of the Lord booming with such authority, expectancy and destiny. He said “I AM RAISING UP A COMPANY OF WOMEN WITH FIRE IN THEIR BELLIES”

Followed straight after that I heard the Lord decreeing ISAIAH 60:1: “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” 

“Get out of bed, Jerusalem! Wake up! Put your face in the sunlight! God’s bright glory has risen for you. The whole earth is wrapped in darkness , all the people sunk in deep darkness. BUT GOD rises on YOU, His sunrise glory breaks over YOU! Nations will come to your light, kings to your sunrise brightness.” 


As I have sought the Lord on this encounter as I slept, I believe He spoke to me that the GREATEST AWAKENING we have ever seen amongst women, is upon us right now.

A new day is upon women right now!

This week when I saw the women’s march that took place in Washington D.C this week, something stirred in me. I was deeply grieved to hear and see what took place, but in the midst of it all, I felt the Lord quickening me to “pay attention” to it. It wasn’t until pondering my dream this morning that I understood what the Lord was saying.

This was a very clear example of the “fire in the bellies” of women to stand in conviction and passion for what they believed in. While this protest was one of division and lack of honour for President Donald Trump, the Lord quickened to me that He is raising up women now who KNOW HIM, modern day Esther’s, Deborah’s, and Mary’s to stand with PASSION and CONVICTION on their platform of influence. He is awakening women and MAKING their voice LOUD to bring CHANGE, LIFE, stand for RIGHTEOUSNESS and see incredible visitations of His Glory. What happened this week I believe was an archetype of what God is doing. Where one ‘uprising of women’ brought division and lacked fruit of integrity and righteousness, the uprising and awakening of women who know Him by His Spirit will bring sudden breakthroughs, life and freedom. Fruit of holiness, unity, righteousness and peace will be evident.

Many women have been through the fire in this season and thought they were going to die….

I heard the Lord say “Many women have been through the fire in this season and thought they were going to die, but they have continued to hold to Me and stand. Now they are going to CARRY MY FIRE like NEVER BEFORE. The fire of trial after trial has come upon them, and they have continued to seek Me. The fire of My pruning and purifying has come upon them and they have embraced it.”


“Now the fire of My love is coming SO POWERFULLY, encounters with the fire of My love that will be SO DEEP it will feel like it cannot be contained. It will bring INSTANT HEALING, TRANSFORMATION and EMPOWERING IMPARTATION into them, that wherever they go and whatever they touch shall be IGNITED by the IMPARTATION OF MY LOVE!!!!!!”

These encounters with the fire of God’s love is going to UNDO women in the body of Christ SO PROFOUNDLY that the cry shall be heard all across the world “WHAT LOVE IS THIS? I CANNOT CONTAIN IT!!! JESUS! WHAT LOVE IS THIS!” and from the place of EXPLODING UNCONTAINABLE REVELATION of His love, His fire shall explode and overflow everywhere they go.


There been such a strategic assignment against women in this season, to keep them held down, silent and caged in fear and intimidation. The Lord is breaking these things now, and we are seeing the greatest awakening of women taking place. I had a vision where I saw the Lord removing TAPE from the mouths of women in these encounters with the Lord and His fire. From that place He is RESTORING THE ROAR within them.

We are beginning to see and about to see in great acceleration the RISING UP of WOMEN FILLED with the COURAGE OF HEAVEN. Completely FEARLESS, filled with PASSION and DETERMINATION and no longer RUNNING from the enemy, but EYEBALLING HIM and going into his territory and taking GROUND BACK!

This large company of women He is raising up, who know Him and His heart , who carry His fire are about to meet new doors of influence in their lives to release His fire.

This year, we are about to see women take their place in ways we have never imagined. The Lord is highlighting the VOICE OF WOMEN. The Lord has begun and it will continue to increase, to birth messages within women. These messages, are life messages that the Lord has given them. Women are finding their voice again in this season as they seek Him. The messages are going to be birthed in such HUGE and SIGNIFICANT ways. Books, CD’s, music, art, media, in relationships, in mothering, in teaching, in Pastoring. The voice of WOMEN is getting LOUD.

Many women in the body of Christ have learnt to live as Mary’s – sitting at My feet. Now I am positioning them as Esther’s!

I felt the Lord say “Many women in the body of Christ have learnt to live as Mary’s – sitting at My feet. Now I am positioning them as Esther’s” – The sense surrounded me, that as women in the body of Christ, have simply MADE HIM their FIRST DELIGHT, their FIRST LOVE. Where their TOP PRIORITY has been to KNOW HIM, MINISTER TO HIM AND DELIGHT IN HIM, He is now positioning them as ESTHER’S!!!!!!!! They have learnt to live deeply yielded, in purity, integrity and humility before the Lord. They have learnt to steward their heart, lives and what the Lord has given them with such integrity and worship to Jesus, He is now entrusting them with MUCH!

I saw the Lord moving pieces around on a chessboard and I saw Him strategically placing women in places of SIGNIFICANT influence in this season. It wasn’t happening SLOWLY, it was happening SUDDENLY. One day, things look one way, the next day, there’s been a complete shift and change and a MIRACULOUS POSITIONING has taken place.

The Lord kept highlighting PAULA WHITE to me. That the position of influence that the Lord has placed her in, in this season to advise President Trump, is a prophetic picture for the Lord raising women up to the frontline and into places of greater influence to bring change to nations. Their mouths FULL of the wisdom of heaven and discernment of His heart, and being CALLED UPON to release the strategy of heaven. This is only going to continue to increase more and more in this season.


I saw a TIDAL WAVE of CREATIVITY crashing in on women in this season. Chains that have held many women down from knowing who they are and what they were created to do, and how to express the creativity of heaven, it’s being BROKEN. God is AWAKENING CREATIVITY in women. Watch and see women who KNOW HIM being to be positioned in greater positions of influence in areas of CREATIVITY to begin to LEAD THE WORLD in the CREATIVITY of heaven.


I saw women all across the body of Christ and they were HEAVILY PREGNANT and they were beginning to BIRTH. The thing is, as they gave birth MULTIPLE BABIES were being delivered. The Lord spoke to me that in this birthing that is happening, the Lord is birthing MORE than they thought they were carrying. BIGGER DREAMS and MANIFESTATIONS than was EVER expected. Things will BREAK OPEN SUDDENLY – one after another, after another. Accelerated momentum in birthing and breakthrough.


I saw the Lord igniting the eyes and ears of many women in the body of Christ with FIRE. He was UPGRADING hearing and vision and raising up more FEMALE PROPHETIC VOICES in this season. I saw them being raised up in such acceleration all across the world. These ones were MARKED by the SECRET PLACE. They KNOW Him, they know His heart. They have a deep hunger for and foundation in the Word. Their lives shine with integrity, purity and humility and their eyes have seen and ears have heard the secrets of His heart. They have been through the fire and proven and entrusted to carry the deep meditations of the heart of God. They are being positioned in different streams, places and positions all across the earth to release the messages of His heart and train and equip others in hearing from the Lord.

The fire of God is falling upon women who believe they don’t hear from God, and don’t know how to prophesy. Suddenly, the fire of God will fall and awaken them, and they will begin to prophesy!

It’s an exciting time! The Lord is raising up a large company of women with FIRE IN THEIR BELLIES that are going to bring incredible shift and change by the Spirit of God in the Word.